4 Wedding Party Roles and Responsibilities of your Planning Committee

Are you planning to hold a wedding party? A wedding is a crucial event in your life. It is a big day that marks the transformation from singleness to a married couple. For this reason, you must take precautions in the planning phase.

Remember, your wedding party success is a product of well-thought plans. The members you involve in wedding party committee must put extra efforts and dedication to its success. These members play central roles and responsibility in making your big day memorable. However, you need to understand the wedding roles and responsibilities to help you assign them effectively. Here are the top four:


Coordinating the wedding party planning meetings

Even though you have everything you need for your wedding, you’ll need a group to help you in the planning phase. It is your first time, and you may not have an idea of what happens or the best way to make your wedding memorable. For this reason, you need a planning committee. The committee will regularly be meeting until the wedding party is over.

For these meetings to be successful, you need to have a chairperson for coordination purposes. The person in this position must have the ability to work with others and involve them in decision making. Hence, ensure the person coordinating your wedding party planning sessions has the right leadership skills.

Purchasing or renting the wedding attires

The next roles and responsibility of the wedding party planning committee are purchasing the attires. Depending on your capability, you can opt to buy or rent the attires for your wedding. Particular, the bride gown is only useful during the wedding. So, unless you want something new and unique, you can decide to hire one.

Apart from this, the committee has the role of deciding the bride’s mother attires. The mother of the bride dresses can make the wedding a memorable event. So, the committee should ensure that this dress matches with the wedding party theme and the bride’s gown.

Choose the ground for the wedding party and cocktail

While the bride and bridegroom have the responsibility of choosing the venue for their wedding party, the planning committee can help with advice. Probably, your wedding party committee consists of people with experience in event organizing. They can help you in choosing gardens and venues for your parties and cocktail. The committee is important in choosing affordable and outstanding venues that enhance your wedding memorability.

Planning and coordinating the logistics during the wedding

During the wedding day, you need a group or a person to be in charge of logistics. The success of your D-day will depend on your logistic management. Your planning committee can help you select the right person or group to handle your logistic issues. The person will be responsible for moving the key participants in your wedding party and cocktail. Have a group of more than one person can be more efficient. Hence, let your committee decide the best group to handle this task on your behalf.

In summary, allowing your committee to take up the wedding party roles and responsibility and execute them on your behalf is the best recipe for its success. The participants have experience in this area. Hence, they will help you avoid the mistakes they made and ensure your wedding party becomes an unforgettable event.