Dress codes for different occasions

What will I wear on this occasion? How many times have you asked yourself this question? It is only natural. Sometimes it’s complicated to decide what to wear since you want to impress your host and still stand out during the event.  The line between smart casual, dressy casual, black tie and black tie optional is challenging to draw. In this article, we want to make things extremely easy for you. This guide will make dressing for any occasion as easy as ABC.

Business Casual code

This code is the standard dress code for offices. Every organisation has a set of dress code that it refers to as office acceptable without being overly formal. As a woman, you aim with this dress code is always to look polished. An excellent option for this code is to wear a cropped trouser paired with a beautiful fun top. If you love jewellery, you can always touch up the look with some light accessories.

formal dress.jpg

Country Casual Code

This code is as easy as it sounds. For ladies, you can wear tennis skirts, gorgeous dresses, fitted trousers and simple blouses. Lightweight fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are preferred. The look is already preppy; please wear beautiful colors.  To complete your look, use minimal accessories. Being a rustic look, it is advisable to pair it with comfortable shoes.

Beach formal dress code

This code is about comfort and style. Settling for an outfit for this occasion is dependent on the location. To be safe, go for maxi dresses with some lovely prints or beautiful, full-length jumpsuits.To elevate the look, keep your hair and accessories polished. Be sure to pair the look with comfortable shoes for the beach.

Cocktail attire dress code

Cocktail dress code dictates that your dress should be above or at the knee. Your dress code should appear fun and appropriate at the same time. Fascinating cut-outs, colors, and embellishments are great as long as they maintain the sophisticated look. Make sure you complete this look by putting on a nice pair of heels paired with a sophisticated cocktail dress.  Heels are not optional when it comes to cocktail attire.

cocktail dress.jpg

Casual dress code

Many people love this dress code since it comes with no rules. You are allowed to wear whatever sails your boat as long as you are comfortable. You can wear a pair of jeans, t-shirt, skirt and a shirt. With this look, you don’t have to bother much with accessories and heels. A pair of sneakers or rubber shoes are good to go. The idea is to maintain a calm and relaxed look.

Festive dress code

This dress code is mostly seen on invitations during the holiday season. Events that specify for this dress dictate that you should wear a cocktail dress. Be sure to settle for a dress that makes a statement for the night. Consider wearing festive colors such as red and green.

Having looked at the various dress codes, your decision making must be better than before. Before settling for any attire, always consider your silhouette; it is the most important thing to consider.