Here Is A Fascinating History Of Evening Dresses

Do you have evening attire? Probably, your answer is yes. If you’re a partying bee, or you love evening events, your wardrobe has several evening attires.  Certainly, you have no idea about their origin. You found people having a norm of wearing certain clothes for evening events. Without question, you too took up the habit.

But did you know that evening attires have been around for more than five centuries? To give you some lights, here is a fascinating history about the evening outfits:


Philip the Good and Burgundian courts

The wearing of evening attires started in 15th century. During this period, there was a rise of royal courts – Burgundian courts. Philip the Good being the ruler was a fashion-conscious person. He trained ladies to weave silk and wool to make attires for various occasions in the royal courts. The type of court dresses one wore identified their social class.

Hence, a trend started where people wore different clothes made of woven silk when attending the court balls and other events. Your weaving design and materials represented your wealth. This aspect created the basics of evening attires.

The 16th and 17th Century Art and Music development

If you love arts and music, you know that the 16th and 17th century was a crucial period. During this time, art, music, and literature went through a transformation. Theatres, dinners, and dances started to become usual evening parties.

When attending the event, you had to wear dresses that will showcase your finery. Particular, the dressing code was set for ladies to enable them show their beautiful curves and edges. Since the parties were taking place in the royal courts and palaces, people referred the evening attires as court dresses.     

18th-20th Century Evening Attires Style

The 18th century marked a season for social upheaval. This upheaval developed social classes that revolutionized the evening dresses. The common attires for the nobles were a high-waist empire dress with a lower neckline and short sleeves. In the 19th century, fashion industry went through a remarkable transformation. Off-the-shoulder design became the norm for evening gowns.

Also, different evening attire designs to match different events started becoming a trend. After the First World War, women gained freedom to attend male-only events and activities. Through this aspect women started going to clubs and cocktails. Everyone joined the evening gown trail unlike when it was a preference for the elites.

Modern Evening Attire and Gown

Certainly, you have an evening gown. Though the evening attires have undergone a transition through the years, it retains some aspects of its origin – court dresses. First, full-skirted remain as the style for these gowns. Also, the ball style is the idea of the court balls fashion during Philip the Good’s era. However, unlike during the time, every woman has an opportunity to wear an evening gown. You can wear them when attending a formal dinner, theatre, evening parties, or charity balls.

In a word, the evening attire has a long history. Despite this, its design and styling have remained constant throughout the decades.