How to Make Your Cocktail Party Memorable

Are you planning to host or a cocktail party? Often, your organization or friends will host a cocktail to celebrate a special day. This party provides you an opportunity to meet and mingle with your friends and business associates. While they’re usually very short – lasting for only 2-3 hours – you can make them a long-lasting memory.

The good thing about these parties is their simplicity. You only need some snacks, simple foods, and imbibes to entertain your friends and guests. So, how can you make your cocktail party a living memory or the talk of the town? Here are the tips:

Choose the Right Food

While chatting is the central part of a cocktail, having a bite or two is not a bad idea. Simple and tasty foods give your guest a wooing experience.  However, since your party has a short life, you need to consider foods that match the event. Some top-ranking cocktail party foods include cheese, cut fruit platter, and clutter.

Also, you can treat your guests with tapenade and bruschetta to give them a memorable moment. As a host, ensure your avail some foods at your party. If you cannot prepare some, you should consider hiring a caterer.

Dress for the Party

Apart from having the foods for your guest, you need to make them feel your presence. Of course, they know you’re the host, but they need to feel it. The best way to create this experience is making yourself noticeable.  As you plan for the event, remember to pick some cocktail dresses that will put you on the limelight.

Choose an outfit that rhymes with your parties theme and purpose. With this, every guest will love taking a selfie with you. You will be the queen or the king of the event.


Treat your guest with their favorite drinks

Certainly, many people interpret a cocktail as a drinking party. So, your party planning is incomplete without deciding the drinks to suit it. When picking the party drinks, you can consider a full bar or a drink menu. For the full bar, you offer your guests an opportunity to pick their favorite drink. You provide them with a mix of drinks and let them make a choice.

On the other hand, you can prepare a drink menu. You choose the drinks for the party and include them on your list. This option is a good way to minimize your expenses. So, choosing the best drinks for your guests is another secret for enhancing your cocktail party memorability.

Have Plans for Mock Tail Drinkers

As you know, not every guest attending your party is an alcoholic. Some love a sip of soft drink and feel okay. While your crew is enjoying their 1-2 bottles, you should give your non-alcoholic drinkers a chance to do the same. So, include some drinks for mocktail drinkers. Remember, it can be a bad image to sideline such guests in your party.  Order some fruit salads or juices, for this exceptional group.

In summary, picking the right foods and dressing can be a good idea. However, your choice of drinks will determine whether your cocktail party will be memorable or not.