The History of Wedding Bouquets

Have you ever wondered why every bride carries a bouquet during their wedding? Well, women and flowers are inseparable. A bride can do even the impossible to ensure that there are flowers during the wedding even if it means waiting for spring to come. Women adore flowers. To them, flowers are like the cherry on top of the wedding cake.

Women not only love receiving flowers as gifts but also love using them for decorations at homes and for different occasions. Have you noticed how flowers can bring a new scent to a room effortless? It’s more reason why flowers have a special place in a woman’s life.

Like the wedding cake, wedding bouquets have a history. In this article, you will learn more about wedding bouquets. The history of wedding bouquets can be traced back to ancient times. In Rome, brides were seen carrying flowers or wearing garlands of flowers. According to ancient Rome, flowers were seen as symbols of new beginnings, fertility, and fidelity.


Come to the middle age, beliefs around wedding flowers changed. It was thought that incorporating herbs during the flowers arrangement would chase away evil spirits, bad luck, and ill-health. To add to that, the herbs were believed to have the power to give a fresh body odor. It’s important to note that, in the middle age, dill gained popularity as a herb since it was believed to have some lust power. During the reception, the bride and groom were made to consume the herb in preparation of their first night together.

The Victorian age rubber-stamped wedding bouquets. During Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert, she was seen carrying a bouquet consisting of different flowers. Since then, wedding bouquets have become the norm. Brides make sure they carry flowers that complement their wedding dresses.

In the modern-day, flowers are seen as a symbol of love. Men are accustomed to sending flowers to their lovers. The most amazing thing is the fact that different flowers have different meanings. Due to the romantic nature of flowers, they have worn a special place in the wedding ceremonies.

Factors to consider before choosing a wedding bouquet

  • The theme of the wedding: Go for a bouquet that will sit well with your wedding’s theme.

  • The color of your wedding dress: Your bouquet can only compliment your wedding gown. If it doesn’t do justice, it has no business being there.

  • The season: different seasons come with different flowers. Before settling for your wedding flowers, it is good to consult with your florist to know what I available.

  • Your budget: Different flowers have different price tags. It is essential to stick to your budget. It can be tempting to spend a fortune on the flowers, but please remember they will only be a one-day affair.

Times are changing, and creativity is also taking over the world. During your wedding, go for a bouquet that has a shape of your choice. Remember, your bouquet doesn’t have to be boring. You can accessorize it.