The Top 4 Dancing Types Everyone Should Learn

Do you want a simple full-body workout? If so, dancing is a good idea. Dancing offers you an opportunity to try different body movements and coordinate your muscles. This aspect helps you to enhance your fitness.  Also, it enables you harness your lung and heart conditions while strengthening your bones.

Essentially, dancing offers you a relieving moment. You will experience a beautiful and graceful moment and sometimes laugh loudly. Regardless of your age, you can find a suitable dancing style. So, if you’ve never tried any dance, here are the top four dancing types you can learn easily:

Salsa Dance

Are you a social dancing lover? Then, you can try salsa dance. Salsa is a renowned type of social dance with Cuban roots. This dance is popular across the global, particularly in Latin America, Europe, North America, and Australia. Salsa involves energetic movements and applies sensual forms.

Also, it offers you a chance to interact and dance with opposite-sex partners. If you’re looking for a date or making great friends, learning salsa is a good idea. So, do not hesitate to join the local salsa dancing club and start learning the moves.

Jazz dance

If Salsa is not your type, then you can try Jazz dance. Jazz is a combination of different dancing styles to form a high energy style. The style originated from Brazil in the 20th century. Jazz is a suitable style for individual dancers. As a dancer, you have an opportunity for expressing and executing individual style and originality. The dance mixes fun, energetic, and unique movements.

To participate effectively in this style, you need to choose the right dance shoes. Your fancy footwear will enable you to make quick turns and big leaps without hurting yourself.  

Hip hop/Street dance

Well, if you’re crew dance lover, hip hop is a preferable choice. Street dance also known as Hip Hop is a dancing type that combines breaking, locking, and popping styles. This style emerged in the 1970s in the United States. Youth dancing crews made it popular through street dances.

So, if you love hip hop dance, you can try out a break, lock, or pop movement. Remember, to wear sneakers or funk shoes when joining a dancing crew.  


Ballet dance

Do you want to become a professional dancer? If so, you should join the ballet dance club. This dancing style originated in Italy. It ranks as one of the most technical dancing styles across the globe. Ballet dance is popular in Russia and France. Also, it is the core of other dancing styles. As such, it is the hardest dancing genre to master. However, you can enroll your children in a dancing class as it is the first type of dance they will learn.

When you join the training, you need a pair of ballet shoes. But after mastering the movements of this dancing style, you will start wearing pointe shoes. Nevertheless, your trainer must permit you to transit from ballet shoes to pointe shoes.

In a word, you should not miss a dancing moment at a party. Learning one of these four dancing types will give you a reason to attend any party in your area.