Wedding Honeymoon Tips for the Newly Weds

A luxurious honeymoon is what every newlywed look forward to achieving. The couple wants to take a break from the hustle of planning their wedding and have a private time together. Some people plan together on the destination; they would like to go while in other instances, the groom keeps it a secret from his wife. Planning should be done way ahead and make the appropriate booking in good time. Here are wedding honeymoon tips that will benefit you in having a fun-filled honeymoon.

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1. Wedding Honeymoon Tips - Bookings

This is the first step towards your successful honeymoon. The major questions are? Where do you plan to go? Where will you sleep? Where else will you visit? Make proper reservations and pay deposits required to book your space. Does the hotel offer full board or half board and what is your choice? Consider if the packages are favorable. Make down payments for other areas you will visit and keep all receipt as proof of payment.


2. Travel Insurance/Immunization

Do you want to travel out of the country? It is a challenge in a foreign country, and you cannot access proper medical health. It is important when you plan for destination honeymoon to purchase travel insurance for both of you in the event of eventualities. This will save you the burden of traveling back earlier than usual or spending extra cash in a situation that is insurable. Some countries will require you take some jabs before entry. These jabs are not applied at entry points. Therefore, make sure you both see your medical adviser several months before the wedding.


3. Proper clothing/Personal effects

Depending on the place you will visit, dress according to the season. Always know the status of the season and the appropriate dressing code at that time. Many couples choose to go places where they will visit the beach or an animal conservancy. If there are more activities, you plan to participate like skiing carry the proper types of equipment or know where you can hire them. Do not forget to pack your personal effects like Cosmetics, combs, bath gels, shaving cream, and others.


4. Phones/Camera

It is vital to keep the family in the know while you are away. Let them know you arrived safely and your expectations have been met. It is not important to explain what you were expecting of your wedding honeymoon ideas, but a confirmation you are safe is a relief to them. Also, let them know when you are likely to come back with necessary arrangements where applicable.

Memories are better remembered through photos. It is essential to have a grasp of every moment of your honeymoon to share with your loved ones and family album. A good camera with good lenses and memory will be appropriate.


5. Have extra cash

Before leaving your country, know the exchange rate of currency. You will know how much money to carry. There are areas you will be required to pay cash. Therefore, it is important to have liquid cash. Your credit cards should have sufficient funds to sustain your stay.

When planning for a honeymoon, first, take the appropriate time to check on different destinations and cost. Make all necessary bookings and indicate when you will check in once you have settled on the location. Always visit the embassy in good time to book the Visas and prepare other necessary travel documents.