Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding in 2018

Tired of witnessing those traditional church weddings? How about exchanging your vows at an exotic location such as Hawaii or the Maldives? Having the privilege of marrying your soulmate is already beyond exciting, but to make your day even more phenomenal, why not tie the knot at a beautiful and mesmerizing location?

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Destination weddings have recently grown in popularity, and for good reason. Opting for a destination wedding allows you to make a lot more memories with your loved ones. However, the planning can be a bit overwhelming. If you have been going bonkers wondering how to plan a destination wedding in 2018, here we have listed all the steps to make the planning easier for you.


1)   Create a Budget

The first thing you need to do is to set a budget for your destination wedding. If not planned carefully, a destination wedding can end up costing you a fortune! Write down all the possible costs you may encounter during the whole trip. Sit down with your partner and decide a fixed amount of money that will be spent on the wedding. If your parents are willing to contribute to the wedding, involve them in the planning as well. This is the important step, as your budget will be the foundation of the rest of your planning.


2)   Hire a Wedding Coordinator

You will need to hire a wedding coordinator or you can opt for a complete package provided by your hotel where you will be having your reception. Allowing the experts to handle these issues will enable you to have a hassle-free wedding.


3)   Create a Short Guest List

Your guest list is going to be relatively short, as not all your acquaintances or distant relatives will be able to attend your wedding ceremony due to the expenses involved. So, the celebration is going to be quite intimate and will include only your close friends, family, and relatives.


4)   Choose the Location

Gather your partner and both your families, and decide on the best location to hold the wedding ceremony. However, do keep your budget and the costs in mind; these include traveling costs, accommodation costs, and others. Also, have a look at the venues at the particular location that you have chosen to get an idea of the setting and hence, the potential theme of the wedding. You could also search online for the best destination wedding places; if your chosen location has great reviews, then you can go for it without any worry!


5)   Select a Date and Note Down the Duration of Your Stay

Keep the weather conditions of your location in mind when deciding upon the date of the reception.  Also decide how many days will be required for the wedding preparations, rehearsals, and other events.


6)   Hire a Wedding Planner or Contact the Vendors

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You may need to hire a wedding planner to contact all the right people for the catering, the decorations, and the million other details that go into planning the perfect wedding. You could always do the planning yourself, but the better option would be to hire a wedding planner, as they know the industry and are aware of the which vendors are the best at your chosen location. If you want to do these tasks yourself, search online for the right vendors and look for online reviews. Remember that you may face a language barrier with some vendors, so be prepared ahead of time.


7)   Obtain Your Marriage License

Get your official marriage license, keeping in mind that you will have to abide by the laws of the country you are marrying in, as well as your home country.


8)   Get Your Tickets At Least 6 Months Before the Wedding

Getting your tickets in advance will allow you to save heaps, as you will get them at cheaper rates. Don’t forget to ask your guests to do the same if you want them to be there!


These steps on how to planning a destination wedding in 2018 will allow you to throw an exceptional wedding ceremony at an exotic location, and enable you to make incredibly beautiful memories with your loved ones on the most special day of your life!