The Do’s and Don’ts for Online Shoe Shopping

Buying the correct type of shoes for your feet is critical. It is awful to end up with sore feet because the pair of shoes shipped to you didn’t fit you well. You, therefore, need to know the do’s and don’ts of online shoe shopping before you start searching for a pair. Since you will not be there physically to fit the shoes, know the critical questions to ask or characters to observe before purchase. Such questions are asked through a live chat, bot or customer care desk if it is available.

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Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts for Online Shoe Shopping

Before any shopping, bear in mind the kind of shoes you need. Impulse buying leads to wastage of time and money, and sometimes one ends up with the wrong product. Therefore, check your wardrobe first before making a decisive answer.

The Do’s

1. Knowing the shape of your feet is the first point to note down. There are several designs and styles made to fit different feet. Such decisions are easily reached by knowing the type of shoes already in your wardrobe or what you buy from the local store.

2. Take a tracing of your larger foot. Once you have this image, your online attendant will easily identify the correct size shoes for you. The tracing is shipped to the seller before settling down the particular product.

3. Know the policy check. Sometimes you will need to return a pair of shoes after purchase. It is paramount you read the terms of service and after sales before placing an order.

4. Read the product description. Each product has proper details that pertain to its manufacture. Are the detailed descriptions your likes? If not, choose an alternative product.

5. The customers’ reviews are a leading factor in knowing if the product is good and how durable or sturdy the product is for use.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t make payments before confirming the correct shoe size is available. Some shoes on display are not likely to be your right size. Enquire before payment and keep such information secure because if you receive the wrong size, you have evidence for a refund or shipping of the correct size of shoes.

2. Don’t fall for sales traps. Some salesperson says a certain type of style or design will need a larger or smaller size. Your traced image is the actual size. Alternatively, follow the measuring guide offered by the designer or manufacturer.

3. Never accept persuasive sales. If you do not like a product, do not buy. Move to the next store, and you will get your choice of shoe.

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Online sales are tricky but good if you buy from a trusted source. It is essential to know the credibility of the seller from the social feedback. Also, the reviews of the particular type of quality shoes you intend to purchase is a proper guide to knowing it quality and faults if there are any. Finally, keep your bucks safe. The payment method should be reliable, and there is an open communication line in case you need clarification.


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