Important Beauty Tips for your BIG day

Be The Best You Can Be

Something I personally think is important is to have a bride to shine. If, for example, you have freckles, do not cover them at all - but emphasize them. If you have a golden skin, be careful not to overdo it with powder, it will look gray and old. Instead, use a rice powder or an HD powder in the T-zone, which helps to absorb the fat in the skin, so you look nice longer.


If you want a simple look, some beautiful earrings and a strong lipstick may be enough. Put your hair back in a tight knot or if you're short-haired, get a wet look - it can often make your look rawer if you do not want it to be for the 'princess'.


Veil or not - that's a question of taste. If your dress is very simple a veil can be used, e.g. lace is a great way to make the whole look extra adorned, without being too much. Give your guests something to bring home. It can be a Polaroid image with you and them.


My Best Tips:

Eye mask
Use an eye mask in the morning while shaving legs, painting nails or just enjoying your breakfast.

Moisturizer, primer, and lip balm
A good base makes the results even more beautiful. Remember, everyone should take pictures of you today, and Grandmother Ruth may not be so good at using filters.

An easy Foundation
Your skin should preferably look healthy and fresh. Use BB cream. Or your favorite foundation, mixed up with a little day cream.

Use concealer where there is a need and highlight a little under the eyes, but make sure it does not get too massive - you could get a tear during the day.

Powder with HD effect is brilliant in
T-Zone, so you do not shine, but look beautiful on all pictures. Avoid touching your cheekbones, so you get a natural shine in your skin there.

Beautiful natural brow
Naturally marked and brushed.

Eye Makeup
Any bright beige shades with a light pink cut.

Lots of waterproof mascara
Use if necessary. An artificial flip. My tip is to cut a whole over and only use half a tip for each eye, it makes the look more natural - especially if you do not wear a lot of makeup for everyday life.

Fresh Cheeks
Use if necessary. Cream blush and light highlighter.

Lips that hold
In a color or natural, as if necessary. Can be refreshed with a little gloss over the course of the day.