4 Tips for Buying Bridal Shoes

Excellent attire during your wedding is vital. Everyone looks up to see the stunning bride of the day and make all comments about her appearance. It is a disappointment when one doesn’t meet the expectations of the guests.  Such admirations from guests are not only the dress but also the shoes, hair and other accessories she wears on her day. Her comfort is the whole character to observe. Therefore, aim high to impress.


Choosing the Right Bridal Shoes

A smiley bride gives the guests a welcoming mood to stay on during the event. Comfortable bridal shoes contribute highly to the facial impressions and walking style of the day.

1. Comfort

A tight or saggy pair of shoes is uncomfortable for everyone. Since we all have different shapes of feet, it is important to choose shoes that fall according to your feet shape. Pumps are available either in full or narrow therefore select accordingly. Such sentiments go out to the comfortable heel size for you. Never wear heels which results in pain and an uneasy walk. 

2. Wedding Theme

There are colors reserved for brides. Once you have you have your wedding theme, the bride may buy shoes that complement the hue. However, ensure the color goes well with other accessories. Times have changed and having custom made, or personalized shoes is a way to go. The bride may choose to have her signature inscribed on the shoes. Such names include initials, dates or a message. The idea is not unique but also brings back memories of your wedding day any other time you wear the shoes.

3. Buy Shoes before a Dress Fitting

On purchasing the gown, the bride may move forward and purchase her preferred pair of shoes. The delivery should fall within good time to enable you to fit the dress while you have the shoes. The heel determines your posture and also reasonable adjustments your designer will make on the dress. It is vital to take the photo of your wedding gown to the shoe shop for the attendant to assist where necessary.

4. Budget

Wedding cost may escalate beyond one's expectations. Therefore, when you plan, state the funds you want to spend on the shoes. Don’t be rigid about specific shoes that you admire. Always have more than two choices that you will are comfortable wearing on the wedding day. It is advisable to move from one store to the next looking for what to wear on your wedding day.

Bridal shopping task is tiresome, and one needs a helping hand in making decisions. Always take along a trusted friend or relative who is not compromised on decision making and has a good taste of quality and style. Once the shoes are bought, make sure the storage is perfect. Always do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep them in good shape. Finally, fit the shoes once again a week before the wedding to make sure you made the right decision. Sometimes, have a second flat pair of shoes you can change to during your pre-wedding ceremony.

Anika PfeifferComment