4 Trendy Prom Hairstyles You Will like

Looking good does not necessarily mean one is elegantly dressed. Hairstyles have an addition to the whole outlook of a person when you appear in public. Thus when one is preparing for prom, make prior consultations about the best hairstyles you can have on this day. The length of your hair determines the style, but this is not a deterrent to the elegant final look you want on prom night. Most hairstylists also, do advice about the hairstyles depending on the occasion.

You are likely to go over internet to check out on the most popular prom hairstyles. Once you have established your choice, consult your hairstylist about the best style according to your face and length of hair. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles you can choose.

1.  Low Pony Tail Style

Ponytail style is the most common style amongst ladies. It is easy to do even on your own without a helping hand. However, choose to look elegant when going for this particular style. Use a thin hairband to hold the hair in position but have some more little hair left out to coil around the band. You may use some invisible small hair clips to keep it in place.

2. The Boho Braided Style

Tousled and braided gives a whole look of your hair. It is highly recommended for ladies with long hair. The multiple braided stripes show off the different colors of your making it looks elegant and unique. Its also a way of showing off your beautiful back and any other tattoos that are around the back and shoulder area. When combined with a low back prom dress, you will be the sterling girl you wanted on the prom night.

3. Vintage sensations Style

While every other girl wants the boho styles, go for this vintage yet elegant style. Simple and easy maintain throughout without caring it will fall off or ruin the day. It is an excellent style for ladies with short hair. However, ladies with long hair may opt for this style but have it tucked in with hair clips. You can also make a subtle twist at the back pinned that makes it look flowery.


4. Messy Twists Styles

The style does not appear messy as the name describes it. It is one of the most elegant styles girls with long hair will choose to have on this occasion. The style is a combination of both boho-chic and romantic styles that show off the beautiful hair with different colors. One can choose to have additional floral headpiece or other appealing girl’s hairpins.

You hairstylist will give you a final look before appearing in front of your guests. Therefore, have ample time to make your hair ahead of the occasion. If you are afraid of not being able to maintain the hairstyle during the party, invite the stylist who will help you fix any mess if it happens. Finally, do not forget to test the style some days before for you to know how you will look on the prom night.

Anika PfeifferComment