5 Affordable Bridesmaid Gifts to look out for

What a great honor to have your family, schoolmate or friend stand by your side on your wedding day. Sometimes you wonder how you will appreciate their effort and willingness of being a bridesmaid. There are affordable bridesmaid gifts that are pocket-friendly and will always remind them of your relationship and especially the events of this day. How you plan your budget to accommodate this expense determines on the quality of gifts you buy. Here we look at five types of gifts that are quite affordable to most brides.

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A buying guide to affordable bridesmaid gifts

First, know the likes of every bridesmaid. It is not advisable to buy something similar for all since your relationship with each one of them is different. Give only what they cherish and will not end up stored in somewhere for years to come.

Personalized gifts

Some items like bracelets or necklaces are easy to have them custom made for your bridesmaid. They come in different shapes and you will have their initials inscribed on each item. If you opt for a standard gift for all, this is a good choice. Also remember the flower girls too will love the little gift you give them. More considerable gifts like a jewelry box may have a small message inscribed on them.

Tote Bags

Ladies love bags and this comes as welcome for bridesmaid gifts. Choose different colors according to the color each of the ladies love best. However, additional work is needed of printing their names on them or a short appreciation message. However, there are ready to buy and carry bags that have the bridesmaid work printed on them. Whatever the choice you make, make sure its unique to the bridesmaids.

Make up & Jewelry bag

Help your bridesmaid become more organized by adding them a makeup or jewelry bag. This will never go unnoticed because they will need to use it frequently. Similarly like all other gifts, a personal message or naming them is a brilliant idea.

Key Chains

They are an essential item that many people disregard as cheap and of no great value. But, everyone has a key to either their house, school or college locker even for our own wardrobes. Every bridesmaid will appreciate having a keychain that reminds them of you.

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Photo Frames & Albums

Are you planning for a big surprise for your bridesmaids? Why not try out this idea. A photo frame that has a picture of you and her is ideal. Further, an inscription of your names on it wraps up the uniqueness. Also, a few pages of an album is an exciting idea reminding you of all your memorable moments. If you do not have an excellent picture collection before the wedding, send the records after the wedding with different captions of the day.

Bottom Line

A bridesmaid gift is all about the memories you have shared since you became friends or met. A personalized message to each on how much you love and appreciate them is enough. Sometimes you may need to change the wording to get the actual information for each one of them.