5 Factors to consider before buying bridesmaid dresses

Once you know you will have a wedding, you embark on selecting prospective bridesmaids. The ladies are relatives, friends, colleagues or members of some groups like church or other places. These people have different likes and observations. Therefore, you need to hold a brief meeting with them and know their equivalents and dislikes also accept some of their ideas notably on what most of them agree. As the bride, flexibility is a crucial factor you need to have always. This is their dress which they want to wear again on other occasions.


What you need to know

These factors will help the bride a long way in purchasing bridesmaid dresses. Also, they help in reducing the noise and anguish bridesmaid can cause or undergo during this process of your wedding.

1. Cost

Everyone works with a budget, and therefore, a dress affordable to all is a perfect choice. If you plan to meet the value of the dress, let the girls know in advance. Also when the price is shared between you two let this budget be minimal. Remember, these maids have more to their pocket like hairstyle shoes and accessories to make your day a success.

2. Style

Most girls disagree on this factor because their likes are entirely different. It is advisable to let them have a say in the choice of style you choose. Also, allow them to select a fashion of their comfort but remain within the hue. You can request each of the girls to bring along a dress of their choice that shall help you place the order online.

3. Time

When do you want to get the orders ready? Such assignments are carried out approximately three months before the wedding. You will have ample time for shipping and alterations where necessary. Also, there is sufficient time for cleaning and pressing. However, make sure the services you source are from professionals.

4. Color

Do not be too rigid about your hues because of not everyone like what you want. It is vital to have more than two shades where the ladies will choose the appropriate color. Sometimes, color blocking is the best option to make them all happy and want to wear the dress all over again.

5. Insurance  

Just like the bride's gown; make sure the suits are insured against loss and damage. Some girls have a terrible temper and will want compensation immediately. In the event the above occurs, you will recover the cost of the dress without digging back to your pocket.

Brides are always advised to consult professionals on how to go about the purchase of bridesmaid dresses. An honest opinion from a friend who had a wedding before will also guide you on how to purchase the right dresses.

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