5 Factors to consider while buying Mother of the Bride Accessories

The mother of the bride gets attention from all guests thus there is a need for her to look elegantly dressed and her jewelry looking exclusive. It is not about how expensive they look but how they complement her wedding gown and the wedding hue. Many mothers will want to look elegant in their own way but, this is your daughter’s wedding, dress accordingly well. While you will find all sorts of jewelry in the jewel shops, first and foremost is to shop for the wedding gown followed by other accessories you need for this big day. You may need the help of your daughter to guide you through on what is best for you.


Choosing the accessories for the Mother of the Bride

It is quite obvious we have different likes and obsessions for certain things. It is a significant factor to consider, but it should not affect the outcome of the bride’s expectations. Therefore, before the purchase of any item, ask your daughter to give her opinion and recommendations. Here are the major factors you need to know before buying your accessories.

1. Comfort

In every aspect of dressing, comfort is a crucial factor to consider. The accessories should not be noisy to attract everyone’s attention. Therefore, look for something that fits perfectly and not hanging or looking exaggerated in any manner. Also, be modest by having minimal accessories like rings, bracelets, wristwatch and others that look overwhelming on your hands. Deactivate any alarms on your watch to avoid distraction during the wedding.

2. Color Hue

Sometimes, it’s wise to observe the color hue for your daughter’s wedding. Therefore, liaise with your daughter about the best accessories you need to buy. If you think you will go wrong, give her the mandate to purchase them on your behalf. The mother of the bride accessories should not match those of the bridesmaid in any way or manner. Also, communicate with the mother of the groom to avoid looking the same on the wedding day.

3. Match the Overlay

Most mothers of the bride will not want to show their arms. Therefore, an excellent overlay, shrug or bolero and a jacket are a good option to keep off attention on your arms. These should look elegant and matching to the mother of the bride gown.

4. Keep to a Purse

Avoid a big handbag that looks like it weighs you down. A small purse is ideal and stuck in a handkerchief or other small items like lip gloss. Don’t forget some cash or credits cards in the purse and identification documents.

5. Match your gown

Above all other considerations, matching jewelry to your gown is vital. Once you have purchased the mother of the bride dress, it should be the guide to the kind of accessories you need to buy. It is advisable to wait until you have received the dress and tried it out for a better judgement on the type of accessories to purchase.

There is more on how to look elegant during your daughter’s wedding. Your hair accessories and the shoes should come in handy flattering the mother of the bride gown. Avoid fluorescent colors that steal the show or have a bad reflection on the cameras. 

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