5 Mistakes to Avoid with Fascinators

Have you noticed how lovely Kate Middleton looks in fascinators? Well, her taste for headgears is at a high level. Fascinators are gaining popularity in weddings all thanks to the royal family.  Many people feel like fascinators are reserved for the royal family, but the good news is, you too can rock the headgears.

It goes without saying, wearing a fascinator call for you to get it right the first time. We have compiled a list of mistakes you should avoid with fascinator hats.


Incorrect Positioning

Whether you are wearing a headband, comb or elastic fascinator, it is essential to know precisely where to position it. If it is your first time wearing a fascinator, consider one with a headband. It is easier to put it in place, and you don’t have to worry about it being all over your head. Your hairstyle should help you determine the correct size of the fascinator and the positioning. If your hair is slicked back, a small fascinator will do the look justice. If you have your hair loose, a medium sized fascinator is your best choice. Consider wearing a big fascinator if you are wearing your hair down.

Choosing a Fascinator before Settling for a Dress

A fascinator is an accessory, and it’s meant to compliment your outfit. Before deciding on a headgear, make sure you have a dress already that matches with it.

Choosing the Wrong Material

The weather should dictate which material is best. If it’s winter, materials such as wool are considerable. They are heavy and thick thus providing some warmth. In hot seasons, go for fascinators made of light material.

Choosing the Wrong Fascinator for your Face Shape

The perfect fascinator should be in a position to create a contrast between the fascinator shape and your face shape. If you have a round face, a tall fascinator will work best for you. If you face is long or thin, go for a spherical shaped fascinator.

Ignoring Comfort

If for whatever reason you wear a fascinator and you don’t feel comfortable in it, you have no business wearing it. Regardless of who thinks you should wear one, your comfort comes first.

Now that you already know what mistakes to avoid, here are some top tips for rocking fascinators.

Any woman can wear a fascinator as long as they find one that suits them best.

Even with short hair, you can still wear a fascinator. Go for one attached to a hairband.

Your hair color and outfit should always guide you when choosing the best color for your fascinator. The three should complement one another.

Have fun with fascinators. Make that bold statement that you have always wanted to make. If you are after complimenting an outfit let the outfit and the fascinator look like they were made for one another.

Dang Minh TranComment