5 Tips that will make your Rainy Wedding Day Amazing

Having a wet wedding day may be disturbing but why don’t you take it positively and enjoy your day. It does not matter the level of a downpour, but most ladies are afraid to have a rainy wedding day. You still can make this day as beautiful as a wedding held in other favorable weathers of the year. Here we look at five points that will change your wet wedding day and make it glamorous.

How to handle your rainy wedding day

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1. Service Provider Policy

There are months in the year that are definitely wet according to seasons. This is not a deterrent to couples who wed during such months. Most important is to know the policies of your vendors in such weather. Are they willing to offer an outdoor service or they choose to stay indoors. There is always an offering hand out there of vendors who are comfortable being outside despite the rains pouring.

2. Be ready

You already know the day is likely to be wet. Have plenty of umbrellas both for your bridesmaids, guests and yourselves. Make a good selection of a matching theme and a fancy look that gives the mood of a wedding. You can request your guests to come with raincoats on this day. Look for a ground that has a floor and you can mount up a shelter. The field may not be favorable it may turn out to be muddy for everyone.

3. Wedding Insurance

This may sound absurd but it’s real. Somehow you have information from the forecast stations whether the rains will be heavy or low. The insurance package covers for untold eventualities. Sometimes weddings held at the beach are cancelled for security reasons. Most vendors will not refund the payment you made towards this day yet you will hire a different venue for your wedding.

4. Remain positive

When the rains come down on this day, do not get upset but have a positive attitude you will make it. Occasionally you will get wet and feel a little uncomfortable. Retain the smile and assume this is for a short while. Other times the weather my favor you and have sun come out at a particular time of the day. Remember your mood determines the mood of the entire wedding session.

5. Have Fun

Being wet doesn’t mean being dull. Your DJ will play the best music that will keep the guests entertained. The floor will be an excellent dance area to keep everyone entertained. More so, this is your day you are supposed to have fun in abundance.

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Some people say they can never do their wedding on a rainy season. It is also a captivating moment to experience some showers of blessing on the rainy wedding day.