6 Ways to make your Wedding Ceremony Stand Out

Your wedding day is supposed to be a special day in your life. Nothing should hinder you from having the wedding of your dream. We are no longer living in the era where weddings followed a particular order with little or no room for adjustment. Welcome to 2019, you can have the wedding of your dreams as bespoke as possibly can afford.

Probably you have attended a good number of weddings, and it feels like you have been to the same ceremony time and again and the only thing that changes is the bride and the groom. You want your wedding to be different from all the weddings that you have been in attendance; it is achievable.

Tips on how to make your wedding stand out

Be true to yourself

You don’t have to do something because you saw other people do it during their wedding. You have to go for what really pleases you. Remember you are creating a lifetime memory that you can never amend. If you run out of ideas, you can borrow some from Pinterest.

Incorporate a game during the wedding

Some of the guests attending your wedding might be meeting for the first time. To help the guests warm up to one another, come up with a game for them. For instance, you can have a spinning wheel with some activities like “give a stranger a hug” or a “truth and dare” kind of a thing. Games have a superpower when it comes to bringing people together.

Feel free to go for vibrant colors

We are accustomed to having white flowers and white gowns, but who says you have to follow the norm? You have the freedom to go for vibrant colors. Also, you have the power to request your wedding guests to dress in a particular way. People always honor the desires of your heart, being the pilot of the day.

Your wedding guest dresses reflect your desires. For instance, you can request them to put on a particular color or opt to give the colors they should incorporate in their dressing.

wedding party.jpg

Make your ceremony impressive

You don’t have to say the vows that people have been saying since time immemorial. You can have some personalized vows. That said, don’t be carried away by the wave of personalization that you forget the essential parts of the vows. If you are not a speechwriter, it is crucial to discuss the personalization with your officiant.

Feel free to play around with lights

LED lights are giving a boom to the lighting industry. We are no longer in the era when disco lights were everything. LED lights can give your venue a completely new look. According to your theme colors, feel free to experiment.

Collaborate with your service providers

The most successful weddings are usually as a result of collaboration with the suppliers. Make sure that you are in constant communication with your suppliers, and they have a clear picture of what you need.

Your wedding day is essential, and you have all the power to dictate what you want. Make good use of the power. Always keep in mind that, once it passes, you will never have time to amend it. Make the day count.