7 Fatal Homecoming Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Fall is a few months away, and that means homecoming is just around the corner. Because homecoming is less formal than prom, you can wear any attire you like. That said, you cannot afford to show up looking like a fashion mess. To save you from committing a fashion offence, here are some of the fatal mistake to avoid when choosing your homecoming dress.


Shopping before checking the school dress code: most schools always have a dress code for the homecoming event. Some are easy, while others are stringent. It is wise to check your school’s guidelines to avoid buying a dress that you might end up being useless to you.

Last minute shopping: Hurry, hurry has no blessings. Do you agree? Have you ever bought an item in the last minute rush and you ended up having an item that wouldn’t cater for your needs? That’s what last minute shopping does. The homecoming event is months away, and it’s advisable to start shopping for a dress now. You will have ample time to find an outfit that flatters your body shape accordingly and make adjustments if need be.

Neon bright colors: Avoid bright neon colors like the plague; they make you appear cheap and tacky. The problem with neon colors is that they are extremely difficult to match with any skin tone. Go for colors that sit well with your skin tone without a buzzle.

Getting the wrong dress for your body shape: The hype to stand out during the dance can make you go for any great style available in the market, and you forget your body shape. Before you settle for a dress, it compliments your silhouette perfectly without a flaw. If you are apple shaped, go for an empire dress that will keep attention to the upper part of your body. If you are petite, got a short dress that will add more leg.

Overspending: A homecoming is a one-day event, and you don’t have to invest an arm and a leg. Before you begin shopping it’s good to have a figure to guide you on the price range you should follow. Having a budget is one thing, and following it is another. Make sure you stick to your budget. If you don’t have much money to spend on your homecoming dress, don’t fret. You can shop at a resale shop and still get your dream homecoming dresses.

Shopping without your undergarments and shoes: Many people don’t carry their undergarments and shoes when they go shopping, and they end up not having a clear picture of the final look.  Also, having your undergarments with you when shopping will help you avoid mistakes like panty lines and showing bra straps.

Foregoing accessories: A beautiful dress is not enough to make you stand out during the dance. Consider wearing accessories that compliment and add glamor to your attire.

With the tips above, I’m sure you know what mistakes you should avoid.  You need to look as gorgeous as a wildflower during your homecoming occasion. What type of homecoming dresses are you eyeing?

Aria HayesComment