7 Fatal Mistake to Avoid when Planning for your Honeymoon

Congratulations! You are done planning for your wedding. Have you thought about your honeymoon? Your honeymoon is essential. It needs proper planning if you want to get the best out of it. With the preparation of the wedding, it is easy to neglect the planning of your honeymoon planning.  You need to keep in mind that you will be creating memories that will last all your life. To help ease your honeymoon planning process, here are fatal mistakes you should avoid making

Travelling immediately after the wedding

It’s tempting to want to go for your honeymoon shortly after the wedding, but please avoid like a plague. You need to relax first before proceeding for your honeymoon. Your honeymoon needs you to be rejuvenated and energetic. Take a few days after the wedding to just relax then proceed.

Not setting a budget

It’s essential to set a budget for your honeymoon. It can be tempting to spend a fortune on your honeymoon and return home without a dime. To avoid finding yourself in such an ugly spot. Make a budget and stick by it.

Last-minute planning

As said earlier, it is easy to neglect planning for your honeymoon. Last-minute planning can be hasty and messy. It is advisable you prepare for the trip early enough and ensure you have everything you need in place. If you need travel documents, please make sure you have them in time. You don’t want to deal with the last minute disappointments.

Using the wrong name

You must be excited to have a new name for a surname. The excitement can be too much to contain, but you have to. It takes time to have the new name effected. Try leaving it out in your honeymoon bookings.

Not buying travel insurance for your honeymoon

I’m sure you have heard to incidences like injuries that have made people cut their honeymoons short. An insurance policy to cover your honeymoon is vital. It might not cover for the lost time, but knowing you can always claim the money and plan for another romantic trip is more than enough.

Packing at the last minute

Hurry has no blessings! Can you imagine forgetting to pack your bikini or your sunscreen? That is terrible! To avoid having such a mess, it is advisable for you to pack early enough. You don’t want to pack while nursing a hangover after the wedding.


Not checking the weather of your destination

Before proceeding to your destination, it is essential to ensure that you have a clear picture of what the weather is like. You need to be armed for the right weather.

You are now aware of the mistakes that might be awaiting you as you plan for your trip. Be sure to avoid them as much as you can. Remember to create loads of memories during your honeymoon and have all the fun you can.