A guide to comfortable dance shoes

Why should you have a pair of comfortable dance shoes? Dancing is not only an art, but you should enjoy every move you make on the dance floor. Comfortable dance shoes help you dance longer and keep up with the rhythm. You should be able to pivot freely, no slip on the floor to avoid unnecessary knee damage.  However, there are several types of dance shoes in the market. It is essential only to buy what is comfortable for your feet.

Let us look at the characteristics of best dance shoes here below.




A perfect shoe has an ideal size. Do not go for very tight shoes or those that leave a wiggle room. Fitting shoes connect well with the floor giving you better control of your movement. You can balance and spin without fear of falling. A dance shoe may not necessarily be the same size as your usual street shoes. If you have a wide foot, go for a shoe that is ½ a size bigger, but, if you have narrow feet go for a size that is ½ smaller. Proper dance shoes have cushioned inner soles to stop your feet slipping around and absorb sweat.


Model of Shoe

Different dances may have an appropriate type of shoe. This includes the length of the heel, straps, leather, and suede. Men will prefer a low heel leather or suede shoe. The ladies will go for high heel strappy sandals. However, these straps have different types of comforts. X-strap around the arch is recommended for new dancers. It has ideal support and stability. A double X-strap covers up for all other types of straps. More Shoe straps are the T-Strap, X-Strap around the ankle and the Traditional Ankle strap.

The height and thickness of the heel is a factor to consider. Appropriate height is between 0.5” to 4”. Most common sizes are between 2” to 3”. For beginners, 2.5” is highly recommended. The higher the heel, the more weight is pushed to the ball of the foot which is approved. Thick low heels distribute weight evenly providing more comfort and balance.

There are good dance sneakers in the market. These are good for training groups or competitions. The other options like comfort, flexibility, and weight are similar to the classy type. In this category, you may need to consider the color to identify yourself with a specific group. Sneakers are excellent for Zumba dance.



Dancing shoes should have unrestricted freedom. A suede bottom has a better grip on hard wooden floors. These types of shoes should be light, flexible and petite. Proper care must be taken to keep the shoes in good shape. The leather shoes need adequate polishing. Other materials like satin and sparkle net can be cleaned using soapy water. You can use a wire brush to clean the suede bottom. It will remove all the debris and also lift the suede naps.  However, these shoes are not standard street shoes. Always wear them when you arrive at the ball dance. In most events, they are sold with a carrier bag for this purpose.

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