A Perfect Guide on How to Choose Wedding Shoes

A flawless look is every bride’s dream. Having the perfect gown, accessories and definitely wedding shoes. The shoes you choose to wear on your wedding day are a huge decision to make. Remember you will have the whole day to be in them. You need to go for a pair that will leave your feet smiling at the end of the day. That said, the shoes should also complement your dress and give you a perfectly polished look.

What are should you consider when buying your bridal shoes?

Your Dress

Before you even think of shopping for shoes, you should have a dress already. The dress should guide you to get a pair that will complement it best. The design and length of your dress will determine how much your shoes will be in the open. Tea length gowns will give your shoes more exposure than long flowing gowns.


Your Comfort

The memories you want to create on the wedding day should be happy and not comprising of how much your feet hurt. You should give priority to your comfort. You will be in this pair of shoes for the better part of the day and a fair share of the evening.  At some point, you will be required to hit the dance floor. You can’t afford to be boring on your big day. Get a pair that will not restrict you on the dance floor.

Have a budget

You must be excited about your wedding day, and you want nothing but the best for your special day. It’s so tempting to want to get the best pair of shoes without considering how much they cost. The wedding is an expensive affair already. It’s good to have a budget that will help you not to get overboard when buying shoes and other accessories. You might be shocked to find that you will never wear the shoes again. So, why spend so much on shoes that will only be worn once?

Consider your Venue

You must consider your wedding location. If you are having a beach wedding, heels don’t belong there. If the dance floor is slippery, find shoes with good grip. You don’t want to fall on your wedding. If there are many staircases involved, be sure to go for shoes that will not strain your legs.

Don’t shy away from color

If you are the bold type, you will definitely say no to the tradition colors (white, champagne, and ivory among others) you will want to have bright colors such as gold, silver among others. Feel free to go for any color that complements your dress and gives you a flawless look.

Your wedding shoes need to be perfect for your feet and your dress. You need to be nothing short of a beautiful and elegant bride.

Fairouz BaliComment