A Simple Guide to Fascinators

The races are here, and it’s a great time to show off your unique personality and style.  You have to stand out. To add some glamour to your outfit, wear a fascinator hat.  Fascinator hats are decorative and can be attached with either a band or a clip. In this article, you will gather all the information you need to know about the hats.

Before settling for a particular fascinator, make sure you have the rest of your outfit figured out. Fascinators are for adding elegance to your look. They cannot afford to clash with either your dress, shoes or the rest of your accessories. Pick a fascinator that blends in well with your outfit.


It is important to note that your physical characteristics will determine which fascinator works best for you. People with long faces should go for hats that brim on the side to help balance the length. Those with a square jaw should get large hats to help make a face look soft. If you are among the tall people, go for hats with bigger brims. For short people, feel free to give yourself some height with the hats. If you have an oval face, you are among the few lucky people who can wear just any fascinator they come across.

Your comfort comes first. Go for a hat that you can wear all day long without feeling like something is bothering your head. By now you must be wondering how one should wear a fascinator. Depending on the style of your head accessory. Here are different ways in which you wear your fascinator.

Headband: If it is your first time to wear a headpiece, it is essential to consider this option. With a headband, once you wear the hat, the band sits on your hair. To hide the band from the human eye, you can brush your hair over the top of the band. Please avoid ill-fitting bands; they can make you have headaches.

Combs: They are popular with fascinators that are small and have a flat base. Most brides and bride’s maids go for this option. It is easy to attach if you have a good hair volume. You hairstylist can help you fix the fascinator.

Elastic: Many people prefer hats with elastic. The elastic goes all the way to the back of your head while the hat sits at the front of your head.  Once you have the elastic in place, you can go ahead and arrange your hair to hide the elastic.

The internet is flooded with online shops that stock the hats. Be keen enough to look at the reviews before settling for any hats. Also, don’t try limiting your creativity. You can consider any shape as long as it blends well with your physical characteristics. If you are the bold type, feel free to play around with colors as long as they don’t clash with your outfit. If you need a bespoke fascinator, talk to your designer about it.

Aria HayesComment