Accessories & Makeup Guide for Summer Wedding

Are you having a wedding in the summer? Congratulations! The summer is a few days away and so is your big day. Probably you are worried about how you will manage to look gorgeous all through your wedding day. You are afraid of a makeup meltdown. It’s time to get the concern off your worry list. The tips you are about to read will ensure you and your maids remain spectacular through the event.

Apply a Sunscreen

If you are going to spend time under the sunscreen is a must-have. I’m sure the last thing you would want for your evening is a red nose, dehydrated skin or flaking skin. Skipping a sunscreen may not affect immediately, but later in the day, you will have to deal with the sunburn consequences. Love your skin even just a little bit more not to skip sunscreen.


Keep your Make-up as Light as Possible

It goes without saying, you will be in light clothes to help you deal with the high temperatures. The same principle should be applied to your make up. Keep your make up as light as possible. You do not want your wedding photos looking like there was a heap of cake on your face.

Consider a Pop Color on your Lips

Being boring on your wedding day is an offence. It’s your big day, and you are allowed to be as vibrant as you possibly can. Vibrant shades of pink, orange and red are brilliant and comfortable to touch up when the need arises. Playing with vibrant colors on your lips and eyes can complement your wedding dress in a significant way.

Bridal Shoes

Having a summer wedding will have you spoiled for choice on which shoes you should settle for. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to allow your dress to guide you on the best bridal shoes to choose for your wedding. Go for a pair that will compliment your gown in the best way possible.

It is essential to shop for your shoes early enough. Shopping in the last minute might make you settle for a pair of shoes that you will hate all through your wedding day. Depending on the venue of your wedding, get a pair that will give you comfort and be kind to your feet.

Bring a Touch-up Kit

Summer weddings can be a little tricky when it comes to make up. To ensure you survive the day without having a makeup malfunction, it is essential to ensure you have a touch kit with you. Be careful not to overdo the re-touch, and you might end up looking all cakey.

Accessorize your Hair

What plans do you have for your hair? Do you plan on having a veil or a crown? You have the absolute freedom to choose what you want to go to your hair. Make sure whatever you settle for sits well with your dress and enhance your look. Do not limit your creative juices.

When it comes to summer weddings, try not to overdo anything. Dress lightly, have some light makeup and don’t overdo your accessories. Less is always more. You deserve to have a flawless wedding.

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