Accessories Do’s and Don’ts

“What happened to your accessories on your wedding day?”  The question will mainly be raised by close friends and relatives who think you didn’t accessorize properly. Selecting the right choice for your wedding requires careful selective shopping. There are the do and don’t accessories to wear on this day thus the reason you should only shop for accessories as one of the last items. While you may like some particular types of accessories, it not a guarantee they will be a perfect choice for your dress for you to look amazingly good.


The do’s and don’ts of Accessories

How do you plan to appear on your wedding day? The final beautiful image is brought out by your accessories. Therefore, be wise when buying them. Here we look at the best choices to make for you to look elegant on the wedding day.

The Do’s

1. Accessories that enhance your gown are the correct type to buy. Do not try on items that look odd on the dress as a belt on a simple dress. Also if you choose to have a vintage wedding only use vintage accessories, not modern accessories.

2. Choosing matching metal is the right way to do your accessories. A same kind of metal for all accessories will make the bride look more elegant. Such a choice may be extended to your bridesmaid for uniformity.

3. Reduce excess jewelry. Sometimes, overdoing your accessories will make you appear odd on your day. Retain simplicity by only wearing what is necessary. It is regardless if you love accessorizing much.

4. Do you have a family heirloom? It is wise to incorporate what has been passed on from one generation to the next.

5. The hair accessories are your next focal point. Ensure your hairstylist advice you accordingly. Only the right hair holders that have a wedding reference are suitable for use on this day.


The don’ts

1. Only buy jewelry after the wedding dress. Your gown is the determinant on what to purchase. Also when you buy the jewelry earlier, it makes it harder for you to get the right wedding gown to match the already bought jewelry.

2. Avoid trending jewelry. It is not clear such metals will match your dress or appropriate for your neckline or skin tone. Choose what makes your heart contented.

3. Do not shop late. Hurriedly shopping may lead to buying what is available. It is advisable to purchase all accessories immediately you receive the gown.

4. Don’t forget your bag. Your maid of honor will be in charge of your clutch bag where all other small items like lip balm or cell phone will be kept.

5. Avoid jewelry on your left arm. Such jewels will steal the beauty of your ring which most guests will focus on seeing.


Just like your wedding gown, it is essential to try out the jewelry before your wedding day. It will help you know how you will appear and know if there is a need for buying other jewelry. Approaching the idea of jewels with an open mind is essential. What was right on your friend will not be favorable for you.