Be Ready with a Fun Halloween Costume

Halloween is nearly upon us - just few days away - and although we know how excited you are about the upcoming festivities, we also know that there are some big decisions to make. Likely the most important decision made for Halloween is deciding to what character to dress up as, and thus what costume to wear. Here is your step by step guide to getting through the fun Halloween costume selection process!

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Fun Halloween Costume Research!

Make a Gameplan: Picking the best fun Halloween costume for your Halloween celebrating involves a bit of planning. For you to have the best Halloween night imaginable, your costume selection should go a bit further than just picking whatever character first comes to mind. Feeling comfortable in your costume in whatever circumstances you will find yourself on Halloween involves a few considerations. Will you be walking a lot in your costume? Will you be standing or sitting? Will weather conditions be a factor? Who else will be in attendance at your Halloween event? How much money can you afford to spend on your costume? Do you want to dress up in conjunction with another person or group? Consider all your options before making your choice. Make a list of costume possibilities and weight the pros and cons for each.

Choose Your Character: Once you've narrowed your potential Halloween costume choices down to your favorites, consider which of your options most represent your unique personality. What characteristics do you want your character to have? Do you want to be scary or something more lighthearted? Do you want to be sexy or just irresistibly cute? Do you want to show off some of your interests or hobbies? Do you want to make a political statement or poke fun of a part of pop culture? Some of the most original costume ideas we've seen are those that represent some the more unique facets of the wearer's personality.

Buy Your Costume: Once you've got a good idea of what character you want to dress up as for Halloween, it's time to go shopping. Go online and see what's out there for the character you've selected. Once you start perusing the vast array of costumes that are available online, you may feel further inspired or even change your mind. So many choices can be overwhelming, so take your time to consider the possibilities. In addition to buying a costume, don't forget to select those vital accessories that are necessary to bring your character to life. Shoes, hats, gloves, wigs, jewelry, and facial hair are critical implements for your look, so don't forget to select those items that are sure to set your costume apart from the rest. Makeup is another important tool in achieving a fantastic look for your chosen character. Need some inspiration? Check out our vast library of how-to videos for a large range of creative Halloween makeup ideas.

Do a Practice Run: Once you've received your fun Halloween costume, it's a good idea to do a practice run. Try on your costume and check it for fit. Make any adjustments that are necessary. Trying on your costume will also give you a good idea if you have the right accessories to accompany your look. If you are doing an elaborate makeup for your character, it's a good idea to practice putting on your makeup before the big night. A trial run will help you feel less stressed on Halloween because you will feel confident in what you are doing, making the whole event less stressful and much more fun--which is entirely the point, right?


Tips or Tricks

Need Some Ideas? Here are some of the most popular costume categories on the Halloween Express website--these will surely get the wheels of your imagination turning!

Horror Movie Villains: Try looks from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, IT or Saw.

TV and Movie Characters: Television and the movies are a tremendous source of costume ideas including Game of Thrones, all manner of Superheroes, Disney characters and more.

Halloween Character Classics: There is a reason why these looks are classic, it's because they never go out of Halloween style!  Try a pirate, vampire, zombie, witch or ghost look on for size!

Video Game Characters: Video games have become a hugely popular source of costume inspiration. Try a look from Mario Brothers, Zelda, Halo or Assassin's Creed.

Pop Culture Figures: From political figures to celebrities, pop culture costumes are always a huge hit.

Foods: Some of the most lighthearted and hilarious costumes out there are also some of the most delicious looking!

Animals: Animal looks are hugely popular--from looks that are cute and cuddly to those that are a little more ferocious, an animal look is sure to bring out a little of your wild side.

Storybook, Fairytale, and Fantasy: These characters are popular choices for those who want an original look that represents something whimsical or magical.

Don't procrastinate. Planning and purchasing your costume in advance is a sure fire way to enjoy your Halloween to the fullest extent. The most popular costumes always sell out, so procrastinators will have fewer choices and limited sizes available. With a little bit of advance preparation, this Halloween can be your best one ever!