Best Red Carpet Dresses in 2018

During high profile galas, every lady wants to look at her best. Therefore, you find elegant, fashionable dresses that either flare down to the floor and other collections are at the knee length. All these collections give the right mood of a red carpet night celebration. In the year 2018 some dresses did better than others, but in simple terms all dresses were elegant.

Best of 2018 Red Carpet Dresses

1. Bright Pink Valentino Couture gown

Worn by Tracee Ellis Ross at the Emmys red carpet nigh show, the gown did not disappoint. One cannot resist noticing the oversized puffed off-shoulder sleeves. The full ball skirt is well done and flows to the floor giving the wearer a better look. For ladies looking forward to red carpet events, this is a choice good to keep heads turning.

2. Rose Printed Dress

It is elegant for young girls attending red carpet occasions. Just like it was displayed this year, the mid length dress with off shoulder sleeves is amazingly good for the young ladies. A soft pink theme is a good idea for the girls to keep them looking hot and young.

3. Hiraeth Collective Dress

The young ladies are in this fashion. The shoulders are well done with fluffy flowerings, and the neckline is at the top thus the design is suitable for youthful girls. Looking at the fashion that is a short skirt slightly above the knees and a covering gown at the back even the shy girl will be comfortable in this type of dress. A pair of black heels shoes is a perfect match for this dress.

4. Ornate Lace Bodice Dress

During this year’s Emmy Red carpet, Ornate Lace-Bodice dress was way off from the common off-shoulder necklines commonly found during red carpet events. However, the wearer decided to have a sleeveless and high neck fitting dress and a flowing skirt to the bottom. The flowery dress did not disappoint, and it’s a recommendation for future red carpet attendants.

5. Color Blocking Dress

Multiple colors on a single dress appear crazy, but this was not the case for this year’s red carpet event. A dress displayed by Madelaine Petsch had a green and black bodice and a sheer white skirt flowing to the floor. The strapless dress did not only appear elegant but opened doors for future color blocking dresses for the red carpet occasions.

Most ladies struggle to look exclusive during such events, but simplicity can appear at its best when well done. It is essential to know the right dress that will draw attention and have more fans. Sometimes more details on a dress do work, but the final artwork is what makes the dress presentable. Never hesitate to have your dress made by a professional tailor to compete against other red carpet dresses on display that night.