Changing the Fashion Style and Vamp Up the Wardrobe – The Ultimate Guide

Have you been carrying the same look or style for more than 5 years? Perhaps it’s time to spice things up a bit by changing the fashion style and reinvent your wardrobe! The fashion trends have been evolving rapidly, and so you need to stay in sync with the trends to make a bold fashion statement and dazzle the crowd wherever you go.


Twisting up your fashion style or reinventing your look is not as difficult as you might have perceived. This journey, if taken step-by-step, can be a lot more fun and rewarding!

If you have often found yourself questioning how to ‘changing the fashion style’, here we have compiled a few tips to help you revamp your look!


Practical Things to Consider

Whether you are opting for the casual style or the contemporary look, you need to be specific and go into further details when deciding upon the look that you want to create. Ask yourself the following questions:

·         How will your new look complement your lifestyle?

·         Do you want to stand out from the crowd or blend in with the rest?

·         What are your budget limitations, and will you be able to fulfill your styling requirements within that budget?

·         Is your chosen style compatible with your personality or will it look a bit off?

·         Is there a particular celebrity that you would want to dress like?


De-clutter Your Wardrobe

Is your closet overflowing with clothing items? Are there any items that have been constantly lying there for more than 2 months? This means its time to get rid of the junk! Go through each and every clothing item to find the one that won’t fit your new styling requirements or just isn’t the right size and donate them. You can also ask your friends for some help with this task!

If you wear makeup, get rid of the items that you do not use or won’t go with your new look.

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Select Your Basics

Though the basics may vary depending upon the style or look you’re going for, here are a few common ones:

·         A basic shirt – whether it is polo or a t-shirt, in neutral colors is a staple in everybody’s wardrobe.

·         Black jeans – these are quite versatile, as they can be utilized for various different tops and look flattering on everyone.

·         Blue jeans – these are a common staple and go well with almost every top – making for a perfect casual outfit!

·         Sweaters, capes or cardigans – these can be used during the winter season and can be layered to enhance your overall look.

·         Black skirt or dress – depending upon the style you are opting for, these look flattering on almost everyone!


Determine the Colors and Hues that will Look Good on You

Depending upon your skin tone, you need to choose the right color of clothing to bring out the best in you. In order to determine what colors will suit you, try holding the fabric near your face and observe which colors makes your skin and eyes look lit - exclude the ones that make you look dull. Light colored women will look good in pastels whereas the darker women will look flattering in bold colors. Find out the colors that go well with your skin tone, and start adding more of those colors to your wardrobe.


Statement Accessories

The right accessories can help you make a bold fashion statement. Have you ever noticed that Kate Middleton is often found repeating the same outfits paired with different accessories? The right accessories can help in bringing life to your wardrobe! So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks!


Reinvent Your Makeup Look

Find the right makeup products and create a natural and polished look to go well with your new style. You don’t have to buy expensive products in order to look good, just go for the products that suit your skin even if they are from your local drug store or department store. To save some extra time, go for all-in-one products such as BB creams that act as an SPF, foundation and concealer.

These tips on how to change my fashion style will help you revamp your look and stay ahead of the fashion trends. So, go ahead and dazzle the crowd with your beauty and skills!