Customs and Traditions

Every week, we bring a post on the blog about different customs and traditions that relate to the wedding and the wedding party itself. This week it is all about the bride's shoes and what to pay special attention to when buying bridal shoes.


The bridal shoes should be brand new. Do not give away, borrow or throw them out, and you must take care of them because if they break, the marriage according to old superstitions suffers the same destiny. The bridal shoes must not be bought by the groom, as the bride will run away from him.


Remember if you can afford it to buy more than one pair of shoes, so you have a couple to the church and a couple (like a little pair of flats) for the party itself. And do not forget to switch to the slightly more comfortable shoes for late in the evening. A pair of good dance shoes is essential, since we are sure you would like to spend the night on the dance floor.