DJ for the Wedding Reception – Get Everyone into Their Dancing Shoes!

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If dancing shoes is your passion, then why not pump up the show and bring everyone onto the dance floor? On your wedding day, after all the anxiety that you will be going through, the best way to calm those nerves would be to dance along freely on your favorite tunes and have some fun in the process along with your friends and family. You can be the DJ of your own wedding reception!! It is not an impossible feat if music is your lifeline and you have a diverse taste in music. It is a budget friendly and fun way to give a personalized touch to your wedding. Here are a few pointers that you need to follow to successfully pulling off the feat of being the DJ for the wedding reception:


1.      Involve Your Friends:

Don’t ever decide to make the whole playlist for the wedding yourself. Involve your fiancé, friends and other folks who are music savvy and they can help you in shortlisting the best songs for the intro, exit and procession of the wedding reception. This way you will be assured that your playlist has something for everyone.



2.      The Venue And Acoustics:

Being the DJ for the wedding reception, keep in mind the venue and the restrictions it might pose on your playlist. For e.g.: If you are having your wedding at a church, then it would not be advisable to play certain types of music, or the acoustics might not be favorable depending upon the situation. It will therefore be advisable to check with your venue manager in advance.


3.      Make The Guests Cheer And Not Retreat From The Event:

Be considerate about the volume of the music and the type of songs you want to play as the wedding reception introduction songs, wedding reception exit songs and the procession songs. Music in the wedding reception should be pleasant and bring the ceremony together in the most beautiful way, and not create distractions for the guests. Don’t choose a focused or singular genre for the wedding reception, like having a playlist composed of only love songs for wedding ceremony. Your playlist should have a diverse mix of the songs, and should not contain any lengthy songs that might be off-putting for your guests.

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4.      Don’t Leave This Job For The End And Do A Test Run Beforehand:

It will be best to do a test run at the wedding venue along with all the equipment at least a day before the wedding. Check your equipment and the way you plan on playing the songs (IPod, Laptop, etc.). Be aware of the fact that any last minute emergencies can occur, so always plan ahead and have the number of a music equipment company at hand, so that in case you face any technical issues, you can use them as a backup. Don’t forget to add some extra tracks to your playlist in case you find out you have underestimated the total time of your wedding reception.