Do you really need a Toastmaster?

In weddings, most people believe in having a lead person who will show them to their sitting area and also other guidelines until the day comes to an end. But do you really need a toastmaster for your wedding? The choice depends on your financial status, location or other surrounding circumstances. The role of a toastmaster begins early in the morning before the wedding starts and ends at the closure of day.

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Why you need a Toastmaster

If you decide to have a toastmaster, make plans weeks before the wedding.  You need to discuss details about your wedding including the venue and hours of hired services. During your prior meeting, discuss all the details of your wedding and he will ensure every activity has been captured. You should also clarify all details when called upon to do so. At the end of the meeting make sure both parties are satisfied and you can conclude on one matter of hiring the services. Both parties and especially you should make follow up calls and emails detailing any changes and confirm availability as per agreement.

On your wedding day

The role of a toastmaster begins early in the morning and arrives at the venue before anyone else. During this time he makes sure the venue is well set and the sitting plan is according to your plan. He ensures other service providers are available and their stations are well set before the arrival of guests. Other areas that require keen attention are the gift desk; the cake gazebo and the guestbook are in their areas.

Once the guests start to arrive, his role is to show them to their sitting areas and help them check in to their rooms if they will be spending the night in this place. He should also communicate with staff to ensure the plans for all guests are attended to accordingly.

On arrival of the couple, the toastmaster ensures all guests are in their designated ready to receive you. He further organizes for photography which includes for the wedding couple and other groups and parents too. He has a proper arrangement about which photo should be captured at a particular time. If there is an introduction to be done during the wedding, he organizes and calls upon the suggested person to do so and give their speech if necessary. He will call upon guests listed to present their gifts directly to the couple and also direct where the gifts are to be stored.

Finally, when the day comes to a close, he has the responsibility of calling upon the cake matron and the couple for cake cutting. If hired hours have come to the end, he will formally call for final words and let guests leave at their pleasure. If hired for more hours, he further goes into the evening ball with the couple where he conducts other duties like the champagne toss.

It is upon the couple to decide whether to have a toastmaster or not during their wedding. His roles are critical but can also be done by someone else in the family. Some towns have trained toastmaster for such events. When hiring their service, make sure they are registered with a certain toastmaster group for clarity.

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