Do’s and Don’ts on what to Wear to a Kentucky Derby

When it’s a Kentucky Derby event, you have no choice but to stand out. You do not have an option other than bringing out your fashion game. You cannot afford to spend your day feeling like a red sheep in the crowd. How do you achieve to be nothing short of amazing for the event?


Do Dress to Impress

How many times have you told yourself that you will only dress to impress you and nobody else? Many time? They must be. Many are the times when we think we dress but impress ourselves while in the real sense, we dress to impress others and create a particular image. For a Derby, you have to dress to impress others. It goes without saying, a Derby is a fashion show event, and all the attendee strive to bring out their fashion A-game. Don’t be left behind.

Do Wear a Hat

You can never be complete for Kentucky Derby without a hat. Many people believe wearing a hat to Derby brings about good luck. When settling for Kentucky Derby Hats, make sure you go for one that compliments your outfit flawlessly. Also, remember to consider your face shape. If your face is round shaped, go for a tall hat. If your face is thin and long, go for a spherical shaped hat.

With hats don’t limit your creative juices. Be as bold as you can and make a statement. The good news with hats is that you can seldom get it wrong.

Do Wear Heels

If there is an event you need to rock your heels, it is a Derby. No Derby outfit is perfect without a pair of heels. To be safe, remember to carry your heel’s sole mates just in case you need them.  Remember, comfort is key. Wear heels that you can be comfortable in all day without punishing your feet.

Don’t Play it Safe

Kentucky Derby has no room for anyone to play it safe. This event is an opportunity for you to bring out your best fashion card and be over the top. You have to give people something to remember, and it had better be positive.

Do not Wear Denim

Denim has no place in the Derby. They don’t meet the fashion requirements for the event. The rule is always “be fancy”. Derby is a day reserved for spring dresses.

Don’t Shy Away from Colors

Spring is beautiful. Flowers blossom in all colors. Who are you to shy away from colors? Have fun with color pallets the brighter, the better.

Don’t Forget your Personality

As much as this event is a fashion show, do not forget you have a character that people can read from your outfit. Let your gear be a reflection of who you are.

Feel free to borrow notes from every Derby event you attend. It will help you to up your game for the next event.

Anika PfeifferComment