Expect Advice: How to Pick Flower Girl Shoes

Getting excellent shoes for the little girls during your need requires extra attention since they should complement the flower girl dresses. The shoes should not be ordered very early since children develop fast but never make last minute rush. Once you have identified a particular type of shoes, the bride should inquire if the stock or supply is readily available until a certain specific time when you intend to purchase the shoes. Also, know the sizes available so that you do not have a mismatch of shoes during your wedding. The parents of these girls will provide you with their shoe sizes and ask them to keep monitoring in case they need a size bigger.


The Buying Guide of Flower Girl Shoes

Flower girl dresses come in different styles, length and decoration. Such a guideline will help the bride select the right shoes for the girls. However, sometimes the weather is a determining factor about the correct shoes for your wedding. More determining factors are stability, durability and cost.

1. Length of the Dress

Heels go well with long dresses because the dress does not seem overly long.  They appear exclusive, and everyone gets a chance to see the elegant shoes of the little one. Both closed and strap shoes are ideal for such dresses. More executive shoes are open toes and stilettos for children.

2. The Dress Decorations

Shoes that complement the dress are the perfect choice for the flower girls. If you have a dress with glitters, it’s advisable you pick a plain pair of shoes or one that does not have many glitters. However, dresses that are plain one can opt for shoes with glitters to give more shimmer and flatter.  The bride may select shoes with a similar color to the dress or one that matches her wedding hue.

3. Stability

You will not want the flower girls to tumble on the aisle. Go for shoes with stable heels and have a good grip on the floor. Also, comfortable to wear and easily absorbs sweat. If they are doll shoes, go for well-fitting shoes to avoid slithering out when walking.

4. Durability

Shoes that last longer are the best option. They are wearable for other occasions yet remain in good shape to continue a more extended period. Since children develop very fast, it advisable to choose quality shoes they will wear time and again before they outgrow their size thus there is value for their money spent buying this particular type of shoes.

5. Budget

It is advisable to speak to the parents of the girls if you will not buy the shoes for them. Know what each parent can afford and decide on a moderated price for a certain type of shoes. Such an idea is welcome to all parents, and you retain your good relationship for a caring gesture.

Before purchasing any pair of shoes, have a good look at the inside of the shoes to look for any object that may hurt the child. Also, check if the straps are strong enough and any other open seams that need repair or exchange for another pair of shoes. More so, be particular about the size not to end up with a smaller size or larger size. Always bear in mind that you need something elegant to compliment the flower girl dresses.

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