Fashion Predictions 2019

As the year 2018 to an end, the forecast for 2019 fashion trends is starting to emerge, therefore, giving an early judgment on what will come to fashion soon. It appears the year will have better-promising trends throughout the year. A combination of floral, checked, stripped and color blocks are some of the indications already showing up for this stylish year. The colors too are well laid out for everyone to decide on their choice of dress and color hue.


The 2019 Fashion Predictions

1. Butterflies Details

The butterfly’s floral is expected to come back in fashion. The well-designed dresses will have images of butterflies with their beautiful colors. They may not appear on the whole dress but rather on the bodice for better focus.

2. Black and White checks

A fashion that was there before some years back is rolling back in 2019. Get ready for this fantastic trend that will range from dresses to tops or pants that are checked to give you’re the optimum girls look.

3. Bike Shorts

Unlike before, the bike shorts will hit the market in all colors and style. The tops are long flowing shirts with similar colors, a fitting blouse, sports bra and any other that goes well with the sports short. Some ladies are expected to add on a belt as an accessory.

4. Crotchet Dresses

They are back better and fashionable. One can choose to have a full crochet dress or semi crotchet dress. The semi crotchet will have a combination of materials. Therefore, the bodice will compromise of the crotchet while the skirt will be fabric. Full crochet dresses may have an additional hat to make it more fashionable.

Most common colors in 2019 fashion

1. Powder Blue

A deeper color than the sky blue is what is expected in 2019 fashion trends. It will be available in dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, and shirts. More detailed dresses are expected to compete at different levels with this color hue.  

2. Color Blocking

A combination of complimenting colors is a fashion to watch next. The style will come in the form of dresses both fitting and flared. It will be found on skirts and shirts too. Matching accessories are available to usher in the new fashion of color blocking.

3.  Deep Olive Green

This season the color is expected to appear deeper and moodier. Different textiles’ will borrow a leaf from this to keep in fashion.

4. Chocolate Brown

A deeper brown now known as the chocolate brown is the color to watch in upcoming styles. It is developed from the caramel brown, but it is more profound than the brown shade.

The year 2019 will have better fashions than seen there before. So many other trends are coming up to keep the modern woman fashionable. We expect to see a comeback of the neon fashion, safari jackets, and statement feathers among many others. More trending colors on the block are Auburn red, Egyptian blue, Oat, and sage green. It will be a year of fashion and fun fair of colors.