Fashion Rules you Should be Breaking

Fashions come and go thus opening doors for a new style. Sometimes they are recurrent of something that was worn in earlier decades or several years back. Do we adhere to the same rules that were used then how to dress on such fashions or do we make our own rules? Generations have what they admire most; therefore, you will find a rule that was used in the previous years is fashionable or is out of fashion. You will break these rules and wear what is best for you to look stylish.

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 Fashion Rules to Break


1. Sequin Wear

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Sequins were usually for night events, but simple rules have been ignored to match your daily wear. A simple shiny look on your regular or office blazer and dress makes it appear more attractive. The details are well done to match any occasion. Office shoes are also improved, and an addition of sequins on them is classical. However, the full sequin dress should remain for night events only.


2. Long clothes Wear

Some people still believe short people should not wear long clothes. This rule should not be adhered to always. The nature and flow of the dress may appear more elegant on a short person compared to if she wore a short dress. When the drape of the dress is beautiful, it makes short people look taller than their standard height.


3.  Prints Wear

People say do not mix prints on your dressing code. Did you know some mixed prints look elegant than one kind of print dress? You can wear stripes with checked prints all together, and you look marvelous. There are more prints to look out for like polka dots with houndstooth prints.


4. Matching bag and Shoes

Traditionally, people believed your shoes and bag should match. No, what goes well with your dressing is the perfect choice for that day. Complimenting colors is allowed but you are at liberty to wear black shoes and have a brown handbag. The same case applies to your belt which should break off the dominating color of your dress.


5. Don’t wear black in summer

Black is an elegant color that represents both formal and casual wear. It is a corporate choice of color for most people in business activities.  You are free to wear black color at all times so long as you observe the weather. Over the hot season, a lighter cloth is ideal compared to winter when you need the heavy clothing.


6. Do not wear white in winter

Only go for white outfits as long as you can keep them clean and stain free. The more the color is more sophisticated the look. It makes you look vigilant. It describes your character as confident and focused. Therefore, do not store your white clothing for other seasons only.

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Breaking fashions rules is done quite often. Sometimes you do not need to wait until someone else violates the law. Start it yourself. What makes you feel confident and elegant is the right choice of style for you. Rules that were applied in fashion many years ago are not applicable now thus paving the way for new fashion trends.



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