Floral Wedding Dress Styles

You are about to walk down the aisle, but you are worried about the lack of oomph in your wedding dress choices. You have gone through catalogs of pristine white or ivory wedding dresses and you're getting zilch. Worry not, bride-in-fashion distress. These floral wedding dress styles are in for spring and you are ready for your moment.

floral wd.jpg

1.       Appliqués and embellishments

Plain and flowy wedding dresses may be fun, but why not step up with appliqués and embellishments? These add-ons draw attention to the areas in which they are added. They give your dress a playful finish while maintaining the class of the wedding dress.

Allow your designer to play around with the sizes and positioning of the embellishments. One of the best things about this trend is that it can work as an accessory if it is well-made.

2.       3D Florals

Popularized in the 2016 collection, 3D florals will instantly have your guests going uuh and aah. Whether you’re going with the flirty lace look or a more conservative look, 3D florals hold their own.  The 3D detail can cover the whole dress or you can opt for sectional coverage. The end result is a beautiful backdrop topped off with a majestic design.

3.       Lace and Silk Combo

Looking to drop jaws from the moment you step out? The lace and silk combo is for the bride who isn’t afraid to dip her toes into the bolder side of floral wedding dress styles. The upside of this look is that it can be done with any color.

4.       Flower Surprise

Dresses with this design are meant to maintain the pristine look on the surface. However, underneath, there is an intense floral pattern. This style allows the bride to wow at the reception when she does her dance. Go for intense floral detail such as crimson red for white dresses.

5.       Flower Top

Flowery tops allow the bride to experience two sides of wedding dress styles. The flower detail on the top part only creates a lovely mix of color and sophistication. Feel free to play with plunging necklines or Victorianesque necklines in this look. Additionally, off-shoulder detail works well with this style.

6.       Corset Tops

Corset tops are ideal for the brides looking to draw attention to their bust area. This trend is sure to bring out the gorgeous in you in your wedding dress. However, the lines between sexy and sleazy are well defined with this look, as the bottom part of the dress balances it out. Paired with appropriate neck pieces, this trend will create memories.

7.       Bold and Classic

If all else fails, keep it simple and colorful with the classic flowery look. With this look, you can pull off any color. Be as bold as you would like with a flowing flowery look. Bright shades such as orange, scarlet and blue will create extraordinary pieces. This look allows you to pull off a simple minimalist look yet look extra elegant.

You do not have to stick to the ordinary wedding dresses. Be bold! Floral wedding dresses will never let you down.