Floral Wedding Ideas to Decorate Your Big Day

You have the unique floral bridesmaid dresses ready for the big day. What is your next idea that will make this day floral themed?  The floral wedding ideas we love are easily incorporated on this day to enhance the theme. Your event advisor will have given you all the details of the type of flowers that are readily available for the season. Here are some of the ideas that will make you smile on this day.

The Floral Wedding Ideas We Love

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1. Invitation Cards

The walk to your wedding begins with the invite cards. If you plan to have a floral wedding, put the same print on the invite card for uniqueness. The face of the card will give your guest a clue on the theme of your wedding. Much so the guest will come dressed in a nearer idea which makes the wedding look more welcoming.

2. Centerpiece

The centerpiece flower is a focal point. It should be unique and eye-catching. However, you still can make it limited to the number of type of flowers you include. The presentation may be in lush or in a flower vase. The florist can mix different kinds of jars that will make it more presentable. Nevertheless, plant-like vase gives a reality of growing flowers.

3.  Aisle and Reception

Invest more carnations on these areas. Draping flowers on the stands and different types of petals on the walkways is an excellent idea. Flower girls baskets can too be filled with different kind of petals as an addition to the theme. Sometimes the guests are appreciated with a cone of petals as confetti. The brides and bridesmaid bouquet of flowers should be rich in to make it more appealing.

4. Cake and Cupcakes

Brides make a choice of their cake that is in most cases bear the theme of the wedding. Your baker will advise you accordingly on the best floral design to put on the cake. The cupcakes too can carry the flowery theme. They look presentable on the dessert table and take way gift for the guests.

5.  Guest Book

The book will be or a reminder on who attended your wedding and the congratulatory message they wrote on this day. The guests will be amused at how well organized you are to have every floral detail put in proper place.  The floral print on this book is a reminder too about the theme of your wedding day.

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Maintaining a floral theme on your wedding day requires excellent organization. Your wedding organizer plus all service providers need to know all about the floral wedding ideas you love to make this day a reality. It is crucial to start organization quite early and know the flowers that will be in season during your wedding day.