Hire DJ for a Wedding Reception

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Do you want to have a good wedding reception in this season? Entertainment in a wedding is the helm of your guest. You, therefore, need the perfect DJ for a wedding reception.  In most wedding events people tend to assume the role of a DJ is make announcements and play music. Let’s get this perception away from our minds.  There are more roles he or she can assist in the reception and make your dream day beautiful.

Here below there are few highlights of who is a good DJ and what roles he or she can carry on this day.


Microphone handling is a little tricky for some people. In this event, the DJ comes on hand to match the role of the professional master of ceremony. He should have a high public speaking skill to communicate to your guests efficiently. He should be able to keep the sequence of events efficiently flowing without a hitch. He should be perfect in time management. If there are speakers at the reception, time allocation should be equal to all of them. This role is second to the coordinator of the wedding.

Sound Engineer & Sound

Clarity is essential for a wedding. Why should you hire a sound engineer when you have a DJ? A professional DJ has the ability of broadcast, production, and audio design consistency. His role is to equalize and balance sound so that guests do not miss out on any announcement. The volume should be controlled to every one comfort to allow space for conversation without interruptions. If he is using cordless mics, they should be functional within the radius of the wedding.

The professional DJ for Wedding Reception

He is in charge of the music programming. A DJ for a wedding reception should prepare a day before and have a playlist of all the songs either requested or are best for the occasion. The songs should be played in sequence creating the best mood for the guests. During his entertainment moment, no silence breaks allowed. The flow of music should be consistent with the correct music genre, tempo, and style to incorporate all guests.  If the DJ will play the music overnight, an inclusion of late night music regarding weddings or ball dance is welcome. He should be creative to come up with more entertaining ideas. This may include rib crackers or performance from other artists who are present.


While one may think that a DJ for a wedding reception is easy to get, individuals should be vetted before you settle on the perfect person before the wedding day. It is essential to listen to audios he has done before or attend a wedding he or she is entertaining before your wedding day. This is not a scare but a surety of the quality you expect in your reception. When hiring a DJ, request for an all-inclusive package if he will have more than one role. However, it is still in order if you need a DJ who will only play music and make announcements.