How to Change My Fashion Style to Make a Statement

We grow up hearing the words “looks don’t matter,” but as time passes by, you begin to realize that this is not entirely true; your fashion style definitely matter to some extent. The first impression you make on someone is through your appearance and demeanor, and as they say, first impressions and last impressions. The way that you carry yourself determines how the world around you perceives you, and the image you build of yourself.

Your fashion preferences may change over time, and that is completely normal; what is important is to feel confident, and be comfortable with your style. If you go follow these simple tips, you will ever again find yourself saying “I don’t know how to change my fashion style to look better,” because you will know you already look perfect.

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Answer The Question:

Where Are You In Life?

You need to take time to think about what stage of your life you are in and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. If you’re above thirty, it may be time to get rid of those mini denim skirts that you rocked in your 20s because that’s probably not the look you want to be going for anymore.  If you have a young family, your cupboard is probably filled with what can be called ‘soccer mom outfits’, which is fine as long as you are comfortable in them, but do bring variety to your life by experimenting with different styles.


Clean out your closet!

It’s time to clean out your closet. That dress you have lying around somewhere in the back that you only wore once and despise, but cannot throw away because it is too expensive; get rid of it. Here is what you need to do. Take all your clothes out of your closet, and make three piles; one with clothes you wear regularly, one with clothes you never wear, and the last with the ones you are not sure about. Your first pile will go right back inside the closet.

The third, consisting mostly of items that you never wear but cost you a lot, or ones you like but don’t fit anymore. Donate these items, sell them, or do whatever you think is best, but do not put them back inside the cupboard. From the third pile, choose the outfits you see yourself wearing in the future (try them on if you have to), and only these ones should go back in.


Choose your colors wisely

You have to figure out what your go-to colors are if you don’t already know. These are colors that go well with your skin tone, and make your eyes pop; the ones that show off your best features and hide what you consider your imperfections. Have more of these colors in your wardrobe.


Accessorize when bored

Everyone has that one outfit they find themselves wearing way too often. But that’s okay; all you need to do is change it up a little occasionally, pairing it with different things, or getting creative in the way you add accessories to complete the look.


Love what you wear

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a special occasion or a visit to the nail salon; wear what makes you feel at your best. Never worry about an outfit enough to stress you out; your inner peace comes first, always.


Black is the bomb

Make sure you have blacks in your wardrobe. As far as black is concerned, anyone can pull it off and it works best for days you really don’t know what to wear.


Makeup – Try new things

Don’t be shy to change your lip color or the way you wear your eyeliner. Go bold. Go dark. Go bright. Try new things. A small change in your go-to makeup routine can transform your entire look. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out and do things you are not comfortable with; just introduce subtle changes in your makeup routine, and they will make all the difference.

An important thing to remember is that you should always be confident, regardless of what you’re wearing and how much makeup you’ve applied. Sometimes just your confidence will change your entire look and make you appear glamorous. So don’t be afraid to wear what you like, introducing meaningful changes once in a while. What others think does not matter; how you feel, does.