How to Choose a Kentucky Derby Hat

Kentucky Derby is a few days away. To many people, this is a horse race, but the fact is, it is more of a fashion show for the best and most awesome hats in town. Are you ready for the day? Have you picked a Kentucky derby hat? If you are yet to pick up a hat, here are some tips that will make selection easy for you.


Set a Budget

How much are you willing to spend? It goes without saying that this is a single day event. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg on a hat. If you are wondering where to begin the search, get to your browser. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Be sure to check on the reviews before settling on a particular hat.

Before Picking the Hat, you need to pick the Dress

Many people tend to disagree with this, but it is incredibly essential. Your derby outfit should be in accordance to the theme. Your hat should add glamour to your dress and not clash with it. The hat has to flow with your dress perfectly. For people who love doing custom made hats, they send photos of their dresses and shoes to the designers to make sure the look will be nothing short of amazing.

Do not ignore your Height

Tall people have the luxury to enjoy wider brims and have fun with different sizes and shapes. If you are short, you don’t want to spoil your derby outfit with a hat that has brims dropping on both sides. Go for a hat that has its brim falling on one side. This will give you a more appealing look.

Do not limit your Creativity

Kentucky Derby is meant to be a day filled fun and bring out your crazy size. Do not limit your creative juices. You can be as creative and as wild as your brain and designer can allow. Have you ever seen people attach insects to their Kentucky Derby hats?  You could try something equally impressive.

Consider the Activities of your Day

If you are going to be under direct sunlight for long, it is advisable for you to go for a hat with wider brims to protect your eyes. 

Make Sure you are Comfortable

Whatever hat you choose to wear, make sure you are comfortable in it. Remember you are going to be in it for the better part of the day. Your hat needs to be part of your look effortlessly.


Derby events are meant for fun. With or without a hat, you have to ensure that you enjoy the day to the maximum. Watch the horses and drink your mint juleps without a worry.

Kentucky Derby Hats are a fashion statement, and no matter how crazy you think your hat is, there will always be someone with a crazier hat than yours. Feel free to experiment with different styles, shapes, and attachments until you find the hat that works best for you. Don’t forget to consider how well the hat will complement your derby outfit and how comfortable you will be wearing it all day long.

Fairouz BaliComment