How to Choose a Red Bridesmaid Dress

Red color has different shades, therefore; a bride will have a wide range of red colors to select the ideal hue for her wedding. While most people are afraid of the color red and want it reserved for other functions, it’s one of the best colors in a wedding when correctly blended. Regarding the same, fashion, fabric and length contribute to the elegance of the dress. Do not be afraid to blend it with some bright colors or dark colors that complement the shade you choose.


Choosing and blending red bridesmaid dresses

Once you have established the right shade, choose a complementing color to go well with your choice.

1. Lace Blending

Good lace is an excellent choice to blend the bodice of the outfit. Bright colors are like white, or a closer shade makes the dress look graceful and classy. The combination color may appear elsewhere like on the flower girls or junior bridesmaid dresses.

2. Embroidery

It is ancient but exclusive ways of making dresses appear elegant and unique. The dress has well-sewn designs in a different color for better appearance of its beauty. Some form of a pattern may convey some message while others are just floral for beauty purpose.

3. Sequined Red

Sequins have been associated with night events but are also suitable for a wedding especially an evening wedding. On this option, a full dress is recommended without having a mismatch. The shiny bride will appreciate seeing all glitters from her girls. It is also so a second option to having an evening dress in your closet.

4. Gold

Gold is magic and goes well with all colors. Therefore, if you want to have the addition of this color, have it minimal on the bodice or the waistline. Such additions do make the clothing sophisticated without making one look out of place.

5. Color Blocking

A unique new way of celebrating a wedding is welcome in all colors that blend. Red has several colors that go well with its different shades. The bodice looks smarter with less of the dominating color. Slight mixtures of grey, black, white or dark blue are a perfect choice to consider.


Red is perfect for both junior bridesmaids and the senior girls. You will find all types of fabric in different shades which will help you get the right choice of your dress. Satin and chiffon are the most common fabrics for weddings which perfectly match with other colors. These two also appear best in different styles thus reducing the hustle of looking for your right choice of dresses. The length of the dress is predetermined by the height of your bridesmaids or the selection of clothing they need on this day.

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