How to choose Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for your Wedding

How to choose Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for your Wedding.jpg

Your dream wedding is determined by color and fashion. These two keep changing over time and what is trending at a particular time and season could be your right choice. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the common trend currently. What are your dream colors and can they mismatch to make this day look bright and lively? If so, then collect the colors and make your order. Since this will be a great day for you,  ask your designer if the colors of your choice are good and the mismatch is correct. The mismatch is also a collection of different designs and styles. The hue may be similar but each dress is made according to what each individual adores.


A buying guide to Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

One color family

We have a different range of colors that can be classified as pink, blue, or purple among other more colors. The bridesmaid can wear different shades of a similar family with different styles. Such a combination will not only favour the bridesmaid but will make the wedding appear unique and engaging. As the bride, make sure you buy the dresses once the girls establish their likes. It will prevent you from having colors that are off your range of hue.

The Print Mismatch

Would you like to have a print mismatch in your wedding? If you want the bridesmaid in print dresses, break off by requesting your maid of honor to wear a one tone color that matches the bridesmaid and vice versa. If the bridesmaid dresses are two-pieces, have the combination of one hue top with a the flowery bottom.

Metallic, Sparky and Blush Mismatch

Let your bridesmaid choose the style they love of looking shiny and glittering. The coordination of sequins and glitters also determines what you like and speaks more about you. Most of these dresses can be worn on other occasions. You can use the shimmer dresses to break other solid colors or print dresses.

Mismatched Style or Fashion

Traditionally, brides chose to have all bridesmaid dresses similar. Mismatch in style and fashion is welcome in today's weddings. Each bridesmaid will choose to have a short or long dress with different neckline or sleeves. It is important to select a common silhouette and let the bridesmaid choose their fashion.


Mismatch dresses have very little limitations or none, according to your choice. Once you set your colors, let the bridesmaid select their fashion and design. Allowing them to select their style makes them feel there was a good use of their money. They feel flexible on the wedding day because they have worn their choice of style. The mismatched dresses are ideal for bohemian and ballroom weddings thus making them trend in this season.