How to choose plus size bridesmaid dresses

Medium and petite has always been the ideal size for the bridesmaids’ line up. Plus size bridesmaids are equivalently good and make the occasion colorful. Therefore, when choosing the girls, consider the plus size friend and start shopping for her dress too. Fashion designers bear it in mind that in every age bracket, several bigger girls wish to dress according to the trend. If the bride does rigorous shopping, she will, therefore, get all sizes for the girls.

Choosing plus size bridesmaids dresses


Considerably plus size girls are significant from the bodice going down to hips area. It is important to know most of the fabrics are favorable for their choice of a dress so select the best material that makes them look elegant.

1. Silhouette

These girls despite their plus size most have fabulous body shapes, and you need to know what one likes in her wardrobe. Some prefer a fitting bodice and flowing down to the knee length or floor length while others will want a dress that curves according to their stature. All of the two are acceptable only if they appear executive in their choice of clothing.

2. Style

It is recommended for one to draw much attention to the bodice area. It should be fitting, and if there is a need to cover-up, wear an exclusive necklace or scarf. If the bride doesn’t need a scarf on her occasion, ask your designer about the best neckline for her. A fitting high waistline is an ideal choice that gives an impression of a smaller waistline.

3. Color

Everyone can wear all colors provided it complements with the skin. Therefore, when choosing your wedding theme, it is critical to consider the plus size girls. Colors that do not complement draw attention which eventually will make her feel uncomfortable due to the attention she receives. Monochrome is ideal but needs breaking with complementing colors. Therefore the accessories should break the monotony to avoid looking dull.

4. Fussy Details

Some people avoid ruffle dresses assuming they will make them appear much more significant than their original size. When well placed, ruffles are choice for everyone. The pleats also depend on how they are done and the sequence. It is important to know her stature determines about all these additions on the dress.

It is more hectic to get the right plus size bridesmaid dresses than the standard dresses. One needs to shop quite early and have all the measurements correct. The bride will need to involve the wearer for final decisions before purchase or a guideline from the seller. JJ House experts know the exact style and size for these super ladies. If buying locally, it is advisable for the girls to try out the dress before purchase. In the event, you are shipping the dress allow a size bigger which is easier to adjust than have a small dress that doesn’t fit.

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