How to choose ultimate bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses mainly bear the main theme color of your wedding. The dresses need to look stunning because the ladies are also a focal point on this day. Choosing the ultimate dresses will require serious research of what is best on your day. The main factors to consider are color, location and season. Other characters like mood may be included but most important is the bride’s preference. This is your day your priorities are important but it is important to include the maids in your decision making. They can prefer a different shade or mixture of two shades which is excellent.

Buying guide to the bridesmaid dresses

The hustle of moving from one store to the next is cumbersome. You need to make some critical decision before you embark on the purchase trail. Here are the guidelines for easy shopping.

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You should be mindful of your bridesmaid lifestyle and financial capability. You can consider buying their dresses of the shelves which is cost effective. There are more items they need like shoes and jewelry. These additions may be a serious add up to their budget. You can guide them on color, but don’t be too rigid.

Body Shape

The dress style should be that fits all the ladies. If there are adjustments that need to be made, it should fit well without looking odd. A style that looks great on all of them is recommended. However, it is important to allow them to decide on what fits them best by allowing them to choose the make of the dress. The range can be from long to short dresses. Nowadays a mix up of colors is acceptable but let it remain within your theme. This freedom will make them feel free in their style thus giving them more confidence.

Perfect timing

You need to have all the dress in good time to allow fitting and adjustments. If you are importing the dresses from a different country, make the arrangements early to have the dresses arrive six to four weeks earlier. No lady should rush at the last minute. If the dresses require laundering, it should be done one week before the wedding.

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Season and location

Choose the right color that matches the season of your wedding. A deep rich maroon with gold addition is good for wet seasons.  Some dresses are not perfect for all locations. Consider the organic aesthetic, surroundings for best results. Coastal outfits should be different from other locations. A nice dress should bring out the mood of the occasion. This may differ from casual to formal outfits.


In most weddings, the bride's preference dominates the day. If your bridesmaids are not very comfortable with your choice of color, provide them with shade variations that fit the theme.  You can have a mismatched pallet of two main colors. Your maid of honor should shine way above the girls. Her dress should not be similar to the ladies and also allow her to have a different color. You can have an addition of having the event manager wear something close to the theme for a classy touch-up.