How To Choose Your Beach Wedding Dress

Beach weddings are breathtaking and are one of the best places to hold a wedding. Some people travel long distance only to fulfill their lifetime dream of a beach wedding. However, what preparations does one need to make or know before the wedding day? Like many other weddings, the venue determines your attire. Therefore, dress appropriately by having proper beach wedding dresses.  It also gives an impression of how you understand the theme of your wedding. Since, beach weddings are not very common, speak to a person who understands wedding styles and the requirements.


What Should You Know About Beach Wedding Dresses?

They are not different in color so do not be afraid to go for a pure white dress. The bride may opt to wear a short or long dress. Other factors that affect her choice of the gown are as follows.

1. Light dress

Avoid wearing a bulky dress that weighs you down due to sand and water. Chapel train and formal dresses are no going zone. Such is rather heavy and may hold a lot of water in the event you come to contact with water during a photo shoot.

Light dresses are airy and allow natural movement over the place. They are also comfortable and experience the beautiful breeze off the ocean or sea. However, you should not look like you are freezing. Avoid having goosebumps and opt for a lightweight shawl to compliment the dress

2. Fabric

The best fabrics are chiffon, silk, and race. Like said before, they are lightweight and will not hold sand or plenty of water. Due to their nature, they dry out fast and thus the bride doesn’t look wet over the occasion. Such dresses have good airflow and comfortable too.

3. Design

Beach wedding dresses are often open at the bodice thus the bride has a lot of designs to choose. However, one’s comfort is a determining factor about the specific model. Short sleeves dresses are excellent for ladies who want to remain slightly formal. However, strapless, open back and one shoulder off are amongst the most exceptional designs to buy for your super day.

4. Accessories

The accessories and make-up determine the final outlook of a bride. Avoid accessories that reflect sun rays. The impact of such is enormous on the photos and video. Your guests will avoid the sharpness if the sparkle is strong yet you are the focal point. Where possible, the sitting arrangement should face off the suns direction.


Coming up brides looking forward to a beach wedding should have a word from an expert on what to expect.  Wedding organizers have a great wealth of knowledge and know perfectly well of what is expected in certain beaches. One common mistake to avoid is wearing heeled shoes. Wedges and flat shoes are ideal for all beach weddings. Also dresses with long trains are not the best. However, the bride may opt for a detachable train for use over the service and leave it out during the reception.

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