How to correctly a wedding guest dress

You have received an invite to a wedding, and you are not sure about what to wear. The choice of your dress portrays your character and etiquette. Thus, when buying your dress, it is essential to purchase a dress that falls according to your figure and can also conceal some tricks you wish to hide from the public. Also, buy a dress that matches your skin tone to avoid looking off on the choice of dress you purchased. Sometimes, if the color has been designated and does not match your tone, go for the next color closest to that and also goes well with your skin tone.

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Choosing your wedding guest dress

These common mistakes that guests make are to be avoided completely. The white color is reserved for the bride only. Other colors are ivory or a color close to white. Extremely bright colors also steal the show from the bride and focus is drawn to you which are not acceptable. Sequin dresses are acceptable but consider the moderation of the decorations. If you need to wear a black dress, break it down with a brighter color to avoid looking like a mourning person. However, black is appropriate as an evening wear dress.

Proper etiquettes during the church service are a must to observe. Avoid low neckline dresses or cover up with a scarf. You should cover the open back dress in the church but thereafter let you be and enjoy each moment.  Also, avoid extremely short dresses and transparent dresses that show off your outline but maintain a standard dressing code of moderate length or a long dress.

The pantsuits are a perfect choice to wear to a wedding. Either formal or non-formal pants look presentable. Jumpsuits flared pants, and formal suits are worn depending on the relationship with the bride and groom. Sometimes, if your employer or senior at the office is having a wedding, it is recommended to look official. However, avoid extreme casual wear like jeans and shorts.

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Other recommended dresses are a maxi high-low dress that flares well. Lace dresses both long and short are a decent choice for guests. Florals dresses will never fall out of fashion; therefore, get a smart dress for the wedding. The fabric of the dress may not necessarily matter but must be comfortable and appropriate for that season.

Finally, when you accessorize, do it correctly. It begins with your general outlook. Your hair and makeup should have an excellent touchup to avoid embarrassment. Visit your beautician on the morning of the wedding to have all well done. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that you can freely walk with and dance too. Lastly, a matching clutch bag or purse will describe your character.


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