How to Get Colored Wax Out of Garment Fashion Dresses

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Candles are a sweet expression of love and affection, and no birthday or anniversary celebrations are complete without lighting up some beautifully scented candles. However, as beautiful as they might seem, things can get quite messy if you end up dropping some of the liquid onto your clothes. These can turn into permanent stains if the right steps are not taken.


If you’ve dropped some colored wax onto a cute outfit of yours and are tired of googling “how to get colored wax out of garment fashion dresses”, then let us inform you that your search has now come to an end. We have compiled a foolproof guide to help you get rid of those bad boys as soon as possible.


First Method

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

The 2 main supplies that you will be requiring for this task are white kitchen napkins and an iron machine.


Step 2: Preparation

Wait for the wax to dry out completely – this might take a few hours so remain patient. Once the wax has dried out, set your iron on the lowest temperature. Then place a white napkin onto the spot that needs to be treated.


Step 3: Treat the Affected Area

Place your shirt onto a flat surface such as an iron stand. Keeping the napkin on the affected area, place your iron on the top of the napkin and continue siding the iron to heat the wax. Continue doing the same thing until all the wax has transferred onto the napkin. Remove the stained napkin and place another clean one onto the affected area. Continue pressing the area until the stain has transferred completely onto the napkin. Repeat the process if necessary.

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Second Method

Step 1: Let the Wax Harden

Take your garment that has been stained by the colored wax and place it into the refrigerator for about an hour. This process will enable the wax to harden.


Step 2: Scrape the Affected Area

Take the garment out of the fridge and start scraping onto the hardened wax. Alternatively, you can rub the stained areas together to achieve the desired results. Soon, the wax will start falling off effortlessly.


Step 3: Wash Your Garment

Wash your garment using cold water and some mild detergent.

These steps on how to get colored wax out of garment fashion dresses will allow you to get rid of all such stains and get your precious shirt back in its original form.