How to make Add Glamour to a Boring Evening Dress

Do you have an evening dress that feels plain and boring? You don’t have to discard it or keep it in your closet. You can always add life to it by adding some glitter, trying different hemming, or even adding accessories. In this article, we will look at different ways which can bring about a make-over for your dress.

Get Creative with a Brooch

There is a significant misconception that women only wear brooches in their 70’s.  This small piece of jewelry is enough to give your gown a new look that you never visualized before. You can pin it on your waistline, have it on your bust or even on a wide shoulder. The accessory will add a rare detail to your dress, making it lively.

Add a Statement Jewelry

You can never underestimate the power of statement jewelry. It goes a long way in making your dress shine. Consider using a huge necklace, a large cocktail ring, or a wrist full of bangles.


Make your Shoes the Center of Attention

If you feel like your dress is too plain to attract the eyes, shift the attention to your shoes. Wear a pair that makes people forget the boring dress and focus on shoes. Be sure to pick a color that sits well with your skin and a heel size that you can comfortably walk in without struggling.

Add your Own Embellishment

If you are handy with the needle, you can sew onto the dress pieces sequins that have been idly lying around.  Also, you can consider stitching on a flower to the dress.  A plain dress gives you room to summon your creative juices and play the role of a designer. Don’t hold back on your creativity. Let your creative juices flow freely.

Carry a Bold Colored Bag

You have already come to terms with the fact that your gown is a little too dull. Bring about a distraction with a beautiful clutch purse. Depending on the color of your dress, you can either go for a sparkling clutch purse or a bright colored one.

Let your Hair do the Talking

Go all out with your hair. A beautiful updo can transform your dress from boring to brilliant. Forget your usual day to day updo, and try a new hairdo. You will notice the change in how your dress appears.

Make Good Use of your Makeup

Your make up has the power to give a totally new look. Go for a super bold lipstick and use multi-colored eye shadow.  This will divert the attention from your dress to your face. People might end up not noticing how plain your clothing looks.

Add a Headpiece

People believe that fascinators are outdated, but if you have been following the fashion trends, lately must have noticed their comeback. The royal family has played a significant role in the coming back of the headpieces. Spice up your look with a fascinator.

With a little creativity, a dull dress can never stop you from looking stunning. There is always something you can do to the evening dress to give it a dazzling look. Don’t limit your creativity.