How to make your Maid of Honor look Elegant

You are looking forward to having your wedding soon, and all preparations almost complete. Your maid of honor has been on your side helping you select the best dresses, accessories, and shoes for the wedding day. She is your role key maid in your wedding, therefore, more attention to detail on what she will wear. There are key factors you need to consider to make your maid of honor look elegant and stand out from all others on this day.

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Why your maid of honor should look elegant

She is your confidant, and it is an honor for her to be your number one witness on this day. While guests will pay attention to how the bridesmaids are groomed, they too want to see a sterling maid of honor.


She likely will have a theme that complements all bridesmaid colors but should not have the same color as the bridesmaid. Remember she will stand next to you most of the time. Thus the color should be bright to give a better glamour to day and pictorials. Sometimes, you can allow her to wear something floral different from the solid colors which other bridesmaids will wear.


Most times, brides will allow the maid of honor select their kind of dress provided they have a right color theme. She has a choice of getting the suitable length for herself. Therefore, a short or long dress will preferably be good for her. But, what is her role during the wedding? The maid of honor will make sure your gown is in a good position and assist you in other small activities. Some of the duties include bending thus she needs a longer dress and will not struggle with carrying out her duties.

Outline and Silhouette

Most ladies will choose to have a different silhouette from other ladies. It is not an issue, but she should have something elegant. The outline of the dress may also appear different from that of the bridesmaid. It is important to let her choose what is right for her body shape, and she feels comfortable wearing. A suitable concentration should be given around the neck area. Her accessories should be elegant to display her likes which also may complement your likes too.


Do you intend to have your bridesmaids have a bouquet of flowers? If so, make her look different and easy to carry. Her combination of flowers should be more vibrant and diverse from other maids. However, due to her nature of duties let it be light.

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Hair and accessories

Her accessories speak more about herself, and her hair should stand out from others. It is crucial for both the bride and maid of honor to go shopping together so that they purchase elegant accessories for themselves.


Her being you essential girl at your wedding, she should avoid wearing something that is close to the bride. It includes shoes and other accessories. Like other bridesmaids, she should purchase her dress some weeks before the wedding to allow for shipping and adjustments where necessary. It is the role of the bride to make sure you acknowledge what she settles on before purchase.