How to Plan a Wedding Ceremony to Impress Your Guests

Wedding is a time when family and friends get together to have a crazy time and make some amazing memories. Thus often a major thing on the mind of the bride and groom is how to plan a wedding ceremony to make the guests feel more welcomed. These guests and their inclusion in the wedding ceremony is not something you would want out of courtesy, as their presence is what will make the event even more memorable.

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You can do certain things easily to make your guests cherish this day as much as you do:

1.      Surprise Them With A Warm Welcome:

Try new and innovative ideas of using welcome books, instead of using the regular guest journals, and for seating the guests to their respective tables. Welcome books can be arranged according to the theme; for example, there could be a big flower or notes hanging from balloons. This will encourage your guests to write some warm wishes and funny notes, and will also help in starting the event on the right note. At their respective tables, their names could be accompanied by a little something like chocolates/candies or drinks etc. Prepare your family beforehand for the wedding reception welcome speech, which should be short and intriguing to keep the guests engaged.

2.      The Ceremony And Everything In Between:

Be considerate towards the guests and make the ceremony enjoyable and short for them. Long and tedious wedding ceremonies have never been fun for anyone! It is best to serve your guests with little tidbits of food so that they won’t feel hungry if the wedding ceremony drags on for more than the anticipated time. Make sure that you have rehearsed all the events beforehand to ensure that the family members know how the event will proceed. Also, make sure to have the best restroom facilities for your guests so that they feel welcomed. Other than the wedding reception welcome speech, try to include some short comic speeches to light up the atmosphere. Lastly, add some great music so that everyone can dance to their heart’s content.

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3.      Sending Off The Guests:

The best way to send off your guests is to give them something that they will always remember i.e. unique party favors. These can range from certain funny items like damage kits for the people who might suffer from a hangover to more theme related party favors that can include little cutesy items like candles, soaps or uniquely styled gift boxes.

After the event, write personalized thank-you notes to your guests to make them feel appreciated. The best way to do this is to wait for your wedding photos that you will receive from the photographer and then sending these off as thank-you notes to make them feel more special.

With all these points covered, you must already know by now how to plan a wedding ceremony that is surely going to impress the guests!